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Stuff stuff and the sellers who don’t represent me stuffing my reptilian brain core

At first I was inclined to dismiss this TruthOut post Friday that claimed Madison Avenue geniuses through using the latest brain research could get to my reptilian brain core so that corporations and politicians could use these modern sales techniques to influence my buying and voting patterns. Not my independent brain I told myself. I [...]

The ecstatic drool from Corporates is flooding the D.C. Beltway and drowning the people’s voice

The news for liberals and Democrats is depressing in the first year of the meek Obama Administration and filibuster-crippled Congress culminating in the election of Scott Brown and the Supreme Court free speech decision announced today rolling back restrictions on corporate spending on federal campaigns. Wall Street and the bankers are drooling as this week [...]

Imagine a world where everyone only can tell the truth

I became a glass half full guy when I was trying to figure out in my childhood living with a mentally ill, bipolar mother how I could be such a delight one moment and the dirty devil the next. Deep down I believed my mother loved me. I wanted to find a way to accept [...]