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The 1% City

Looking over the city skyline on an unexpectedly beautiful day like this leaves me wondering what cities will look like in a future dominated by the 1%; all of the tallest and most architecturally significant buildings were built by proud local businesses seeking to make a statement for themselves, and virtually all of them are [...]

The Kids Are (not) Alright

Occupy Portland assembled just outside my front door earlier today, at a rally/walkout for Portland State University students.  As you can see, it was reasonably well attended, and eventually led to a march on, appropriately enough for debt-saddled students, the Bankruptcy Court, I’m not sure which one. Though I left as the march departed,  I [...]

Historic Preservation

I’ve lived on the South Park Blocks for a total of ten years, longer than anywhere I’ve lived in my adult life, and for good reason.  My front yard consists of a dozen blocks of parks, planted with neat rows of elms planted in the 1890′s, some so tall that they are higher than my [...]