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Holy Water Closets

Like 10% of the US population, I am what is commonly known as a “lapsed” Catholic, making me part of what would be the third largest denomination in America.  Although I’m probably not all that representative of my brethren, given that from about age 8 on I didn’t believe a word of what I heard [...]

The Brown Clown

It appears that Republicans have, lacking any less revolting choice, awakened with Santorum all over themselves.  Rather than just stripping the bed and jumping in the shower, as any normal person would in this situation, they’re using this meaningless and drearily recurrent Clown Car discharge to crank up the Wurlitzer of persecution fantasies against God’s [...]

The New Freedom Riders

A case is currently wending its way through the courts that ironically may be decided on precedents set back during the civil rights movement, originally intended to protect civil rights activists from retaliation by racist state and local governments.  Political activism by African Americans was, shall we say, less than encouraged in the Jim Crow [...]

Running to Mommy

The right has fallen into something of a rut of late; so deliriously successful have they been with their strategy of dramatically doing and saying the most outrageous and vile things they can think of and then even more dramatically wailing, fainting, and demanding sympathy (and of course revenge) over the entirely predictable reaction, that [...]

Out from “under God”

Well, what a surprise.  In filing belated expense disclosures with the State of California after a failed bid to keep donors secret, which is against California law, the Mormons report that in addition to the $20 million its members donated to the Yes on 8 campaign, it seems that the church itself coughed up about [...]