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Corporate Cancer: An insidious disease that is consuming America and the world

A hundred thousand protesters are at work in Copenhagen to attack a problem that no amount of science will cure. Only a small percentage of the crowd is American. As protesters look for morale support, they see few Americans not only because the COP15 Summit is in Europe. The US is the world’s largest consumer [...]

Can shoe boxes wake up America or even the world?

Oprah, yes I still occasionally watch, did another show yesterday on shopaholic moms and how their obsession to shop hurts themselves and their families. One mom, woke up to her addiction when, you’ll like this Hag, the piles of very expensive shoe boxes in her large walk-in closet fell on her head. Of course, like [...]

Is that a boot on my desk?

The story is depressingly familiar; working in the construction industry, I’ve grown accustomed to cutbacks all around me, from suppliers to the city permit office and everything in between. ¬†For the first time in recent memory, multiple empty retail spaces punctuate every walk through downtown, the condo market has completely collapsed, and those projects that [...]

Recession news from chnn

I’ll be interviewing one of the newest of the newly unemployed this evening, my buddy Aaron next door who just got laid off today, and seeing a visiting ¬†friend, Jo, from back in the old days, when I was the Production Manager at Ballet Oregon, 20-some years ago and she was our premier soloist dancer, [...]