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Smog Gets in Your Eyes

The Los Angeles times just published an unintentionally informative article about the upcoming “clash” between the “conservative” Roberts Court and Obama’s “progressive agenda.”  Of course the article fails to point out that the Roberts Court isn’t conservative, it’s nuts, and Obama isn’t progressive, he’s a tad to the right of Nixon.  But never mind all [...]

Freaky Friday

I was initially too lazy to post today, but then I started trolling the intertubes, and danged if I just couldn’t help myself.  The stupid is really burning today. For example:  Rand Paul Now lil’ Rand is considerably more attractive than his Papa, which couldn’t hurt (except for that unfortunate white-fro on the top of [...]

LA Times Channels FOX, Literally

Yesterday LA Times crack reporter Rick Serrano published a story that was straight off the Republican Noise Machine, willfully deceptive about the nature of our legal system, and, well, old.  To do so and make it plausible, he “interviewed” such heavyweights as Sen. Jeff Sessions, a bunch of anonymous Republicans, and carefully pored over a [...]

The Concern Troll of the Southland

UPDATE BELOW: My letter to the intrepid journalist, and his oh, so redeeming reply. This morning, Glenn Greenwald had an excellent post about the despicable fear-mongering ad Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol had slapped together to smear not just the Obama DOJ, but basically the entire tradition of western jurisprudence, the evenhandedness of which seems [...]