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The Devil You Know

Watching President Obama’s Q & A with the Republicans Friday, it became starkly plain why entertaining any notion of “bipartisanship” in Washington is so colossally dumb that the very mention of the word ought to bring in a hail of derisive laughter and rotten vegetables.  Bipartisanship, as practiced by the Republicans, means “do what we [...]

Let’s Put on a Show

Not long after Nixon’s “last press conference” upon losing the California governorship in 1962, that memorably disturbing rant which prompted an amused President Kennedy to prematurely say that if he hadn’t done anything else for America, at least he’d “saved it from Richard Nixon,” Nixon fortuitously met up with one Roger Ailes.  The rest, as [...]

More Running To Mommy

I touched on this subject Saturday, discussing Carrie Prejean and Sarah Palin, and also wrote about it at some length in an August 31 piece, entitled, “Running to Mommy,” but basically, I’m getting a little tired of the phenomena of Republicans (and I include Joe Lieberman of course….) behaving badly for no other reason than [...]

Rachel, are you our future?

When Junior’s guilty daddy Bush 41 saw how his political “ends justify the means” tactics with Roger Ailes and his vicious Willie Horton ad has led to angry, propaganda Faux News and the parody of reality Glenn Beck, senior told CBS radio that both the right and left were to blame. He then volunteered to [...]

The bad apple tree

Well, now that our weekly terror incident is behind us, we can start worrying about the next one, because fascist nutcases randomly slaughtering the enemy du jour is clearly the new normal.  Ah, those “quaint” days of yore, when the Bush DHS’s report daintily hinted, based on past experience and the ever-present “chatter,” that we [...]