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Riding the Hate Train

As we approach the 2012 elections, I have to admit grudgingly sympathizing with the poor Republican contenders on  some level; everywhere you look, one (hilarious) presidential aspirant after another has to deal with the fact that large blocs of their party hates them, for one reason or another.  The reasons, to a sane person at [...]

Time Wounds All Heels (Almost)

Well, it looks as though John Edwards is in, as Mammy might say, “a heap o’ trouble.”  At this late date, such an outcome seems unsurprising; Edwards may be both rich and white, usually sufficient credentials for blanket immunity from wrongdoing, but sadly for him, he’s not only a Democrat, but worse, a liberal one. [...]

Terror To The Rescue!

In the dog years of the media, the “good old days” were back in 2001,when one and all wore flak jackets, talked tough, and blathered on in the most maudlin yet bloodthirsty way, and despite the fact that they were providing such ghastly television and worse journalism, everybody watched.  They mattered, which is important if [...]

Halloween XXVII

Is there any such thing anymore as a Republican deemed unworthy of opining on the news of the day?  Is there any conduct so aberrant, lie so flagrant, hypocrisy so astounding, nor unbroken record of utter failure enough to get these blowhards off the TV and Op/Ed pages once and for all? No, Virginia, there [...]