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Moody’s Gets Moody

It seems that Moody’s, one of the insightful bond rating services that notoriously rated Wall Street junk AAA in the years leading up to the crash, is finally getting tough.  Not with the banksters, though, but with the US, UK, and other governments, who, according to this infallible oracle, face structural debt that must be [...]

Let’s Put on a Show

Not long after Nixon’s “last press conference” upon losing the California governorship in 1962, that memorably disturbing rant which prompted an amused President Kennedy to prematurely say that if he hadn’t done anything else for America, at least he’d “saved it from Richard Nixon,” Nixon fortuitously met up with one Roger Ailes.  The rest, as [...]

News Network, My Ass

UPDATED BELOW: In an infuriatingly all-too rare moment, the Obama Administration actually let someone say something that desperately needed to be said and, so far at least, hasn’t retracted it and/or fired the poor child for impudently pointing out the Emperor’s nudity.  It was like a bracing gust of fresh air through a humid, stinky [...]