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Putting Their Mouths Where Their Money Is

On some level, you have to hand it to to Governors Rick Perry of Texas, Sam Brownback of Kansas, and Terry Branstad of Iowa; this may be the first known incidence of Republicans actually walking the talk, rather than, as usual, letting others do the legwork while they cash in, and eat at Morton’s afterward.  [...]

Do We, In Fact, Need A Little Christmas?

No, evidently we need a whole hell of a lot.  Way too much, it seems.  Faced with an unprecedentedly insecure and desperate consumer base, America’s retailers stoop ever lower to sell Chinese crap to consumers by turning Christmas into a fatter and less cinematically appealing combination of Survivor and Road Warrior, with predictable results.  Pepper-spraying.  [...]

Book Saloon: Jesus Plus Nothing

In Jeff Sharlet’s disturbing book, The Family,  Family leader Doug Coe describes his group’s philosophy as “Jesus plus nothing,” and he and his followers repeat this nonsensical mantra as though it meant anything.  Actually, it means a lot of things, but if Jesus were to find out what they were, he’d be suing for libel. [...]