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On The Internet, No One Knows You’re Making a Scene

The internet is a wonderful tool in many ways, but as recent incidents reveal, it leaves the beleaguered victim of lame, indifferent corporations that critical tool of last resort when one has been ripped off, or more commonly, simply told that what they want isn’t available at any price, so they must cough up for [...]

Plastic Politics

UPDATED BELOW: More Democracy news…  or its opposite. In a stunning victory for the plastics industry that funded the initiative, Seattle voters yesterday voted to overturn a twenty cent surcharge on plastic bags previously passed by the city council.  Thus, a product so intrinsically crummy that it’s incapable of holding a box of cereal or [...]

Up on The Roof

  One of the great pleasures of creating gardens is watching them evolve and mature over time; indeed, a new garden takes several years just to provide the shade, structure, and privacy intended, and it takes at least a few seasons to eliminate poorly performing plants where needed, fill in bare spots, and make the [...]

Hung over in seattle

Having just exited the bar car on the unusually deserted Coast Starlight, I’ve returned from a trip to Seattle, to work on the penthouse garden owned by my friend Bob.  It’s always enjoyable going up there; reading on the train, fussing over the now beautifully mature garden that I designed and planted  ten years ago [...]