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The “Port” of Lewiston

Lots of people don’t realize that the little town of Lewiston, Idaho, is a seaport, partly because it seems impossible that a spot hundreds of miles inland that no one’s ever heard of could be so.  Such skepticism is entirely warranted; Lewiston wasn’t, in fact a port until the completion of four taxpayer-funded dams on [...]

And if You Believe That….

Today the Oregonian ran a front page story about how the endangered Columbia/Snake River salmon were “evolving” in such a way as to peacefully coexist with the many dams they must negotiate to reach their spawning grounds.  It seems that salmon fingerlings, or at least some of them, are “choosing” to hang out in the [...]

Good Money after Bad

Several items in the news both here and nationwide remind me that in today’s America, we will only throw good money after bad; spending precious funds and actually getting something for them in return is considered risky, wasteful, and a woefully inappropriate response to our straitened circumstances.  And how, pray, did our circumstances become so [...]