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Heads They Win, Tails We Lose

When George Bush was catapulted into office in 2000 by a convoluted decision of a thoroughly corrupted Supreme Court, after having lost the popular vote, he and his cronies rolled into town like a conquering army, determined to ram through a radical political agenda they’d been careful not to emphasize on the campaign trail, where [...]

Ad Hominem and Stir

Saddled as they are with a great many aberrant and discredited ideas, Republicans have developed a neat way around this seemingly sticky problem, one that plays into the shallow and narrative-driven way the media covers the news; ad hominem attacks in place of engaging critics’ ideas.   The dumber, meaner, and more disastrous the idea, [...]

spy vs. spy

When I read about the Republican’s numerically laughable but nonetheless attention-getting strategy for opposing the confirmation of Sonia (or Maria, or whatever, the gal with the mop), Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, I’m once again embarrassed to be a Democrat. Those Republicans have their flaws, but failing at political theatre is not among them.   [...]

Racism… it’s the new black

I got home today, and as I usually do, popped into Glenn Greenwald at Salon, to see if he’d gotten all Greenwaldian and put up another post while I was at work, knowing that if he hadn’t, the letters would have poured in since 6:00am and it could take a whole bottle of something to [...]

On the rag again

Owing to the rampant criminality now pervading the right that got its toehold a quite few years before Nixon felt the need to say, at Disney World no less, “I am not a crook,” Republicans have adopted a curiously paradoxical soft-on-crime strategy; turning its proven criminals, one and all, in to what might generously be [...]

Excuse me, but my refrigerator is running

While never pleasurable, listening to Republicans talk these days has gotten to, not to put too fine a point on it, be the kind of thing normal people would climb out a bathroom window to avoid.  Happily, it never happens, because Republicans are no longer on speaking terms with the normal, and haven’t been since [...]