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Going for the Gold

“….It will be his Waterloo; it will break him.” –Soon-to-be former Senator (!) Jim DeMint astutely predicting President Obama’s imminent political demise. Probably one of the best things about being Republican is that they have a safety net that really is a hammock, that is if your idea of a hammock is a reversible sable/chinchilla [...]

Dunces of the Confederacy, Continued

  As the Clown Car heads for South Carolina, let’s not forget what they’re getting into; for all the talk of “Family Values” certain to be polluting the airwaves, the fact is that the whole state is teeming with drunken, trailer park idiots like the genius above.¬† Until, say, yesterday, Thad Viers was considered a [...]

The Less You Know, The Easier it is To Be Rich Lowry

I don’t claim to be an expert on either economics, aviation, or the labor movement, but reading the following piece of counterfactual nonsense from Rich Lowry of America’s Shittiest Website, courtesy, no less, of the Oregonian, which ran the thing this morning, I was more than usually embarrassed for the lil’ chickenhawk. ¬†Marvel, if you [...]