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Fresh and Green

In an earlier post, I wrote about the ongoing renovation of the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal building, a bland 1970′s-looking hulk being completely retrofitted under the stimulus bill.  Currently, it’s one of three cranes left in a skyline that had more than a dozen just a few years ago, one stands idly over a project [...]

Un-Development is Exceptional

After years of watching a skyline dotted with a dozen or more cranes, the post-crash lull allows the boom-addled to look around and adjust to the new views, or lack thereof, while the rest of us just rejoice for a moment that things have stopped changing for a minute or two.  Just a few months [...]

Hung over in seattle

Having just exited the bar car on the unusually deserted Coast Starlight, I’ve returned from a trip to Seattle, to work on the penthouse garden owned by my friend Bob.  It’s always enjoyable going up there; reading on the train, fussing over the now beautifully mature garden that I designed and planted  ten years ago [...]