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You Should Have Seen the Other Guy

Today a conservative caller who naturally identified himself as a Democrat called Thom Hartmann’s show to harshly criticize Obama’s Mission Accomplished, the Sequel, because it failed to praise effusively enough the genius of George Bush and the “success of the surge.”   This in itself wasn’t surprising, given that the round-the-clock devotion to the Legacy [...]

Calvin Coolidge, Put Together

Rich people say the darnedest things, and they have for time immemorial, but only recently they have been encouraged to do so free of ridicule on national television.  During the Health Care Summit today, (h/t CNN helpfully cut away to have the certifiably cuckoo creationist Ben Stein come on the air and proudly say [...]

The Blame Game

Florida Rep. Alan Grayson was on Thom Hartmann today, and in a brief but quite unconventional interview that included caller questions, he made some profound points about our current political situation, which were as enlightening as they were depressing.  Responding to a question about the glaring obviousness of the corrupting influence of money on the [...]

The Return of Chatty Cathy

Growing up, my sister had a doll named Chatty Cathy.  She was a large doll, a life-size 3-year old girl (but oddly with a flip hairdo like the sorority girls in Animal House, especially at first…) whom, when a string was pulled in her back, a paleotechnic speaker in her chest would squawk out something [...]