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Private Idaho

Now, I’m not usually known for my optimism, but the last couple days of very light blogging have yielded a few unexpectedly encouraging signs.  To wit: UPDATED: Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you that the Boner, no less, dumped at least three anti-tax teabaggers off of their committee posts because they thought rather absurdly [...]

Citibank: America’s Welfare Queen

A few years late, they finally get around to telling us that America’s Dumbest Bank, Citi-(corp/group/bank/etc., depending on the day), should have been shut down and placed in receivership back in 2008.  Of course, that determination was based on niggling “objective criteria” like, say, “solvency” and “liquidity,” which are nice ways to convey that then-(and [...]

Guarding the Henhouse

Maybe it was from seeing so many Smokey Bear commercials, but I always thought that the Forest Service protected the forests, and the other various federal agencies named after other precious natural resources also attempted to husband these things that, really, belonged to We The People, and our neatly uniformed federal employees dutifully spent their [...]