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Cardboard Cutouts

  Ever since Reagan, Republicans have chosen Presidential candidates the same way an ad agency might cast a beer commercial.  Literally.  Remember all the talk about who voters would want to “have a beer with” when attempting to sell a slow-witted, overprivileged ne’er-do-well who didn’t even drink, back in 2000?  They never bother to find [...]

Thomas Jefferson Was Right

Thomas Jefferson, who was constantly and viciously hounded by his opponents in the press, once declared that, given the choice, he’d still rather have newspapers and no government than government and no newspapers.  Fortunately, television had not yet been invented, so that Sally Hemings story took a couple of hundred years to take off; maybe [...]

Don’t Let the Door Hit You

I almost laughed out loud when I saw that Forbes Magazine had published an article about the absurdly tiny but nonetheless (to them) significant, headlong rush of the rich to leave Socialist America, which to the folk at Forbes was a bad thing, rather than a cause for exultation.  Would that it were so:  think [...]

Time on Their Hands

Perhaps there’s some significance to the fact that I just ran across Time Magazine’s November 24 article, “A Decade From Hell” on the morning of Black Friday, only to find that that discredited, desperate, and clueless publication blames the disastrous first decade of the 21st century on everything except the despicable media malpractice that made [...]