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Enough About You

The media have slipped even deeper into their self-referential bubble of late; pretty much every story leading the “news” isn’t about their long-suffering audience; the American people, but ostentatiously and exclusively about them.  As though we care.  You see, what good is it to be on TV every night and draw astronomical salaries despite being [...]

All About Me

Somewhere along the way, the television bobbleheads who are technically supposed to be reporting the “news” gave up entirely on that worthy endeavor in favor of talking about their favorite subject…  themselves.  Oh, they often elaborately pay faux homage to “real Americans,” meaning those reliably hypothetical wretched souls who don’t happen to rake in millions [...]

“the world needs more trigs, not fewer.”

UPDATED BELOW:  CHNN research department steps in…. Thus spake Sarah Palin today as she unexpectedly resigned as Governor of Alaska.  Demographically, she may be onto something.  If, say, 51% of the world had Down Syndrome, it’s entirely possible she could be elected Queen.  Moreso than under the current situation, anyway.  But such a demographic switch [...]