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Has Fox Gone Commie?

There was an absurd, likely planted story in Politico today about how Fox News had “moved to the left” here lately.  I, personally, see no evidence of this.  Looking at their website, a grueling, thankless task that was evidently too much for Politico, I noticed that every article was either Obama-bashing, Republican-fellating, or included celebrity [...]

FOX Phobia

Delighted as I am by the relentlessly cascading developments surrounding Rupert Murdoch’s beleaguered empire, I don’t share the optimism of worthies such as Eliot Spitzer who think  Foxworld ought to now be investigated by the DOJ under FCPA, the pretty straightforward Foreign Corrupt Practices Act that News Corp has evidently repeatedly violated.  For a lot [...]

NY Hag

For many years, my sister gave me gift subscriptions to New York Magazine, and I became an avid fan.  Michael Woolf’s credulous boom-goosing was balanced out by Michael Tomasky’s scathing investigative journalism, and their ongoing coverage of the Rudy Chronicles was worth the price of admission.  Then, in the wake of George Bush’s “election,” they [...]