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What will a war protest really accomplish?

(CORRECTION: The song by Dave Martin that was written the night before the rally was one called ‘We Mourn.’ Dave wrote ‘Speak Out Truth to Power’ in March of 2003, the weekend after the US began bombing Iraq.) On a sunny day in May of 2007, after having been recruited to become a precinct committeeman, [...]

Joe Wilson, Repugs and emotional intelligence (or lack thereof)

Joe Wilson’s political opponent Rob Miller in the 2008 election and facing him again in 2010 has so far raised $700,000 to defeat Wilson thanks to the “You lie!” outburst. Wilson has raised $200,000 as of Friday morning from those who support what he claims was an emotional outburst. The outburst may have been strictly [...]

Bully America

Who says there’s no bipartisanship in Washington?  When it comes to endorsing our culture of violence, revenge, and punishment, we’re essentially a one-party state.  This was vividly on display with the release of the dying Lockerbie bomber by those commies over in Scotland, when the networks fell all over themselves to find “grieving” family members [...]