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California Dreaming

Aside from one brief and ill-advised interval, I’ve always lived in Oregon, and sort of laughed off the outsiders’ jokes about our weather.  Rain isn’t so bad, after all, if you have reliably flawless, humidity-free summers that run from July 5th until the end of September, and are seldom plagued by blizzard or subfreezing temperatures [...]

And Now, The Weather

Update:  Accuweather reports that the humidity has dropped into the twenties, but it’s now an infernal 103 degrees.  Whew.  I guess things dry up when you’re in a danged kiln….. Update II:  It’s after 9:30 pm, and it’s “down” to 94, but with humidity up to 34%…  six of one, and all.  If I couldn’t make [...]