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Enter the Grave Dancers

For about the thousandth time, the Republicans are gleefully announcing the death of the Democratic Party, assuming correctly that the dead are about the only ones they can beat, and even then not always.  What is being said about the health care reform could be old tape of what Republicans have said about any non-right [...]

Exhuming McCarthy

UPDATED BELOW: Wolf Blitzer apologizes, sort of. Outside of Wolf Blitzer’s pathetic show, Liz Cheney’s McCarthy Palooza against the Obama DOJ isn’t going quite as planned, despite the enthusiastic boost it received from the LA Times.  Numerous prominent conservatives have branded Cheney’s insultingly ignorant fear-mongering as reminiscent of or worse than McCarthy, and even Condi [...]

The Concern Troll of the Southland

UPDATE BELOW: My letter to the intrepid journalist, and his oh, so redeeming reply. This morning, Glenn Greenwald had an excellent post about the despicable fear-mongering ad Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol had slapped together to smear not just the Obama DOJ, but basically the entire tradition of western jurisprudence, the evenhandedness of which seems [...]

And The Wars Go On

Jack Murtha, the longtime Democratic representative from Pennsylvania, died today, after having lived long enough to see the wars he wanted to end continued indefinitely, but satisfied in knowing history would prove him right.  I guess these days if you want to try to stop a war in this country, you should get started when [...]

The No-Talent Show

I have often groused dyspeptically about the tawdry circus acts that have replaced political discourse in this country, and the insulting way in which our media stars never fail eat it up, like slow children gazing in slack-jawed amazement at an unusually bad magician. Such misguided adulation then trickles down to the  dumber members of [...]

The ministry of silly walks

For some reason, a lot of Americans, and virtually all of our media, have unaccountably come to the conclusion that running around bombing places willy-nilly is the greatest thing since even before sliced bread; capable of remaking the world to our whims, spreading “freedom,” and when that kind of namby-pamby stuff gets tired, at least [...]