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Well, They Still Have Maureen Dowd

UPDATED BELOW: (Saturday)   Having had a somewhat longer commute than usual the past few weeks, I have once again become a daily New York Times reader, often to my considerable chagrin. ¬†For the last 15 years or so, as my local newspaper, the Oregonian, got thinner and thinner, I readily coughed up the extra [...]

The No-Talent Show

I have often groused dyspeptically about the tawdry circus acts that have replaced political discourse in this country, and the insulting way in which our media stars never fail eat it up, like slow children gazing in slack-jawed amazement at an unusually bad magician. Such misguided adulation then trickles down to the  dumber members of [...]

On the rag again

Owing to the rampant criminality now pervading the right that got its toehold a quite few years before Nixon felt the need to say, at Disney World no less, “I am not a crook,” Republicans have adopted a curiously paradoxical soft-on-crime strategy; turning its proven criminals, one and all, in to what might generously be [...]