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More of This, Please

For what seems to be the first time, President Obama put on his oft-mentioned but rarely seen “comfortable shoes” to support union rights at a speech in Michigan today.  It was Obama at his best; serious but funny, calm but pointed.  And not a moment too soon: last week the lame duck Republican legislature pushed [...]

Badgers and Weasels II

As you’d expect, I’m as nervous as a whore in church that infamous Koch whore Scott Walker will prove tonight that entire states can be simply purchased, outright, by our new unelected overlords.  Thanks a lot, Chief Justice Roberts.  As you’d also expect, Walker supporters are currently resorting to dirty tricks, including deceptive robocalls telling [...]

Unforced Errors

UPDATED BELOW: Today Obama spokesman Jay Carney got understandably mixed up as to whether the Administration had bothered to endorse anybody in the historic gubernatorial recall in that state, what do you call it, where they make cheese.  Those of us who follow politics, of course, know that the Koch Bros. rollout for taking over [...]

Happy Friday in Wisconsin

It seems that Republican State Senator Pam Galloway, once part of Governor Scott Walker’s 19-14 majority and sponsor of a wingnutty gun law, is stepping down to, wait for it, “spend more time with her family.”  Her departure leaves the recall-adjusted state senate evenly divided, and after a Palinesque half term, she’s fleeing to avoid [...]

Eating Worms

Nobody likes me; everybody hates me. I think I’ll go out and eat some worms. That little childhood ditty rings in my ears as I read about how Republicans are fighting the apocalyptic battle they have set up this fall’s elections to be; through whining, cheating, and dirty tricks, and doing other disgusting things that [...]

Badgers and Weasels

UPDATED BELOW: All eyes, including my own, are on Wisconsin tonight, and for good reason; six Republican state senators who supported Gov. Scott Walker’s Koch-funded Randian Fantasyland are facing recall.  Two of them, the loathsome Randy Hopper (whose recently-dumped wife has joined recall efforts) and Dan Kapanke from LaCrosse, are expected to lose.  A third, [...]

Little Caesars

What seems to define modern Republicanism as we approach the 2012 elections is a firm, Randian belief that the only acceptable model for governance be that of a particularly ruthless and avaricious corporation beset by a self-interested and narcissistic CEO bent on looting it.  Like their corporate sponsors, Republicans have abandoned any sense of creating [...]

Delusions of Gipperhood

When I finally stopped laughing, spraying booze all over, and dumbfoundedly slapping my forehead over Wisconsin Governor (!) Scott Walker’s fawning and delusional 20-minute kiss-up to an anonymous caller unconvincingly posing as uber-oligarch David Koch captured on tape, I got to thinking.  What, in heaven’s name, could make a person so gloriously, blindly lacking in [...]

Teachers: America’s Latest Enemy

I’ll confess:  My mother was a public school teacher, who, according to America’s right, was a greedy, bottom-feeding freeloader ripping off the taxpayer for her own commie-tainted self-aggrandizement, but oddly, I remember her differently.  I remember her correcting stacks of papers each evening, sharing piles of Valentines, cards, and art projects from the children she [...]

Another Boner From Boehner

Maybe it’s just me, but I get a little offended at the sheer lameness of the lies that pour daily out of the GOP; it’s as though they don’t even care what the truth is anymore, since they rightly recognize that their “base” consists of, well, stupid people.  Today, right-thinking Americans everywhere are aghast at [...]