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Sunday Garden Blogging

When I first moved to CHNN World headquarters ten years ago, I knew I wouldn’t have space for most of my garden, so with a heavy heart, I gave away my Mexican Fan Palms (Washingtonia Robusta), my Windmill palm (Trachycarpus Fortunei), my Pygmy Date Palms, (Phoenix Roebelenii), several yuccas, and two cycads.  I kept only [...]

Phil Gramm: Hippie

Today Rep. Barney Frank, (D. MA), released a proposal calling for $1 trillion in defense cuts over ten years, which would indeed seem sensible in our current debt situation, given that “defense,” NOT including the various and sundry wars, now gobbles 40% of the Federal Budget.  Of course, such a pot and patchouli-scented pipe dream [...]

Hollywood Wars and American Military “Heroes”

Many attempts have been made by movie writers/directors/producers to tell the truth about the tragic, unnecessary Iraq War while making it a financial box office success. Making significant dollars means large numbers will see the movies and hear the important truth messages. The two latest, Oscar winning The Hurt Locker and the just released Green [...]


I have been, and likely always shall be, a public golfer. I’ve played since my father took me out when I was about ten.  During my teen years, I worked at what in those days were called “caddy camps,” summer programs organized with elite private golf clubs on Cape Cod, where boys from the greater [...]