Divine Justice

Well, I’ll be damned, but it seems that Supreme Court Justice (!) Clarence Thomas has practically turned into Malcolm X these days, thanks to his epileptic, dreadlocked, and possibly suicidal nephew, Derek, getting into just the sort of potentially death-dealing scrapes with the law that Thomas has thought were the best thing since sliced bread for his entire, startlingly undistinguished career.  Up ’till now, Thomas hasn’t had much (read: any…) sympathy for such misbehaving types who end up on the wrong end of police brutality, but when it happens to family, lo and behold.  He’s even flying down to the Big Easy (and enjoying one’s porno on a crummy little laptop is notoriously inconvenient, so this matters…) to, well, coddle a criminal.   It’s Opposite Day.

Derek Thomas was admitted to West Jefferson Hospital in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Thursday, after a possible suicide attempt, reports ABC affiliate WGNO.

When the Supreme Court justice’s nephew refused to put on a hospital gown and said he wanted to leave the hospital, doctors ordered security to restrain him.

Security guards “punched him in his lip, pulled out more than a fistful of his dreadlocks and tasered him to restrain him,” a statement from Thomas’ family said.

Shortly afterwards, family members say, Thomas suffered a “massive epileptic seizure.”

As any family member would be, Thomas is “outraged” that such a thing could happen in America, and before Clarence ascended to the court, it was indeed unusual.  Afterward, not so much.  As Arizona’s racist immigration laws set their poisonous course toward his court, maybe this incident would be a little reminder to Justice Pubic Hair that there is such a thing as racism and racial profiling, and if he keeps it up, his whole family could never marry white fast enough to stay ahead of the court.  I doubt he will come to this realization.

It’s moments like these, prominently including the hypocritical bleatings of a still-whining, decades-ago  ”victim” of  a supposed “high-tech lynching,” (who nonetheless sits on the high court for life, yet remains angry…) that warm the soul if you believe in God’s punishment.  (I ordinarily don’t…  but today I’d like to….)

As Fox News would say, I wish the hapless Derek Thomas well…  Not so much his Uncle Tom.


  1. nailheadtom says:

    Wow, your mental illness has taken a definite turn for the worse. Are you elated that a relative of Justice Thomas was mistreated? Or that this is some reflection on Justice Thomas himself? Or happy that a person with dreadlocks was given a cop-administered shock treatment? Or what? You really do need professional help.

    • Cocktailhag needs professional help?

      Tom, I can’t beleive YOU said that.

      • dirigo says:

        Har, harr, har dee har, harrrrrr …


        • dirigo says:

          The previous post here, and comments, appeared to be about media – even journalism.

          I’ve previously copped to being a reporter and to working for nearly three years as such in West Texas.

          I don’t need to think much about the posture of Justice Thomas on the court (see link), or to consider his psychological or ideological states to point out that judicial procedures in some southern and western states remain problematic.

          I covered trials while in Texas, including several capital murder trials of black defendants. It was a revelation, something I’ll never forget.

          I wonder if things have changed. I wonder.


      • cocktailhag says:

        Maybe a little alcohol rehab, but other than that…

    • cocktailhag says:

      Unlike you, Tom, I do recall that Dick Cheney suddenly took a shine to gay marriage because of dear old Liz, and I also recall Nancy Reagan unexpectedly bucking her party on stem cells after Ronnie went (more) cuckoo from Alzheimer’s. Without the benefit of personal misfortunes, no righty ever gives a shit about anyone but themselves. This is still true today. This is probably ol’ Clarence’s only opportunity for some belated personal growth. Let him have it.

  2. Portland Pride

    In case you missed it. (I’m sure you didn’t, but for the rest of the lounge denizens who might have, a second chance.)

    A wonderful place confirmed, except maybe for the punch-out over the pig. Tom, should he ever visit in person, would be well advised be careful around these hippies.

  3. michlib says:

    As a staunch advocate of in loco parentis, Clarence no doubt approves of the hospitals’ attempt to maintain order and discipline.

  4. nailheadtom says:

    ” Up ’till now, Thomas hasn’t had much (read: any…) sympathy for such misbehaving types who end up on the wrong end of police brutality.”

    Is it the duty of a supreme court justice to be “sympathetic”? Maybe like the judges on the old TV series “Queen for a Day”? Most citizens expect the Supreme Court to decide cases based on how the law conforms to the Constitution. But you petit Bolsheviks can’t be bothered to reflect on reality.

    “. . . before Clarence ascended to the court, it was indeed unusual.”

    That’s certainly got to be true, there’s no recorded instances of police brutality in the US prior to 1991 and after Thomas donned the Supreme robes such activity skyrocketed. A statement like that isn’t even mendacity or hyperbole, it’s simply stupid. Like you.

    ” As Arizona’s racist immigration laws set their poisonous course toward his court. . . .”

    There is no racial dimension to SB 1070. It’s basically a carbon copy of federal law and in practical terms follows similar legal processes in Missouri, Rhode Island and other states. SB 1070 ultimately requires that illegals discovered in the course of law enforcement be turned over to the responsible federal authorities. You’re the one being a racist when you assume that all illegals share the same physical characteristics.

    Incidentally, the option of law enforcement and the judicial system to pursue or ignore prosecution, as in the case of the New Black Panther poll thugs or even illegal immigration, is a greater threat to freedom than you witless ignorants can imagine. Congress can pass any bill it wishes, and the president can sign it into law but then, as head of the executive branch, he has the authority to selectively enforce it, ignoring the illegalities of allies like Tim Geithner but trying to make political hay out of the Arizona border.

    Your classless contempt for Thomas, a true Horatio Alger story who deserves the admiration of us all, demonstrates where the left really stands, not in favor of the common man but mindless acceptance of a statist, socialist paradigm. You should be ashamed of yourselves but that’s something the class warriors of the left have never known, shame.

    • cocktailhag says:

      You’ve outdone yourself this time, Tom. Thomas is a bitter, dumb, whiner whose every dubious “accomplishment” came through Affirmative Action and Republican hypocrisy. Horatio Alger my ass. The scumbag also lied repeatedly in his confirmation hearings, which is in itself disqualifying.
      And yes, the job of the court is to protect the downtrodden, as it has historically done. That strict constructionist claptrap is a tired but useful righty myth; the right-wing bloc on the court sheds crocodile tears every day for the powerful, wealthy, and corporations against everyone else, turning the purpose of the court on its head. (See Citizens (!) United…)
      Further, such wanton use of Tasers is quite new; and a perfect reflection of the right’s love of both the police state and spending taxpayer money on corrupt arms dealers. Read a newspaper once in a while.
      And don’t bother telling me SB 1070 isn’t racist, when its supporters clearly are, and tell tall tales about beheadings and drug mules (all provably false) to “justify” their stupid, pandering BS law. I’m racist to say illegals share physical characteristics? You’re not just a twit but an asshole.

    • dirigo says:

      You can’t prove that “most citizens” are adherents to the original intent theory of the Constitution. It’s very much debatable since the Constitution is in fact more organic than fixed, or frozen, as a working political document. If it weren’t we’d be more cooked than we are now.

      “There’s no recorded instances of police brutality in the US prior to 1991″? Really? But let’s not go there about “unrecorded” abuses, including the recently fashionable American tendency to torture people here, there, and, gosh! – everywhere!

      I don’t assume that illegals share the same physical characteristics as me. I have a huge and rather unusual proboscis, and I stand out in a crowd I assure you. There’s no one quite like me, but I’m white as plaster and was born here.

      What’s so dire about the option to enforce or not to enforce? Ho hum …

      It’s questionable whether Thomas deserves “the admiration of us all,” even if he’s a character out of Horatio Alger (are those books still in print?) and regardless of whether all of us here are cohorts in the “statist, socialist paradigm.”

      In any case, you are not a shame policeman.

    • dirigo says:

      Tom faces down the great, unwashed horde …


    • dirigo says:

      It’d be nice to bring Hayek back from the dead to deal with Tom here.


    • avelna says:

      From Digby’s blog:

      “Last year Thomas was one of three dissenters, with Rehnquist and Scalia, in the 6-3 decision that found that executing the mentally retarded was ”cruel and unusual punishment.” Also last year, Thomas dissented from a 6-3 decision to ban the practice in Alabama of chaining prisoners to outdoor ”hitching posts” and abandoning them for hours without food, water, or a chance to use the bathroom. While the majority also called that ”cruel and unusual,” Thomas said the hitching post served ”a legitimate penological purpose,” encouraging a prisoner’s ”compliance with prison rules while out on work duty.””

      My god man, you are an amoral, heartless pig if you think this is Constitutional. You’re a jackass.

      • cocktailhag says:

        I think something snapped in Thomas when Anita Hill revealed him to be both a pervert and a phony…. He’s been taking it out on America ever since.

  5. Casual Observer says:

    I keep wondering what I’d do if Clarence way my uncle. Suicide might well be a favored option…