Another Temper Tantrum

Probably the dumbest act in American political history was Al Gore’s choosing Holy Joe Lieberman as his running mate in 2000.  If I were Tipper, I would still be withholding sex for that one.  Why, pray tell, would anyone choose a corrupt, midget slimeball for a running mate whose sole qualification was his prim, Defense of Marriage tainted denunciation of Gore’s boss who, especially in retrospect, didn’t really do anything that bad, and still had substantial coattails?  Heck, just because Lieberman proudly couldn’t get a blowjob even in the blowjob-friendly precincts of Washington, was that really an advantage electorally?  Back then, Lieberman was an irrelevant backbencher, and rarely was invited on FOX, to boot.  Now the jowly little nebbish is practically President.  Smooth move, Gore.

Anyone with a pulse could see this coming.  Gore pissed away the best asset he had, and empowered a malevolent sociopath who would later hitch his wagon to Bush’s star and is still befouling the heavens with his special brand of excreta.  Still, despite my own delight at Lieberman’s defeat in the Connecticut Democratic primary in 2006, I failed to see how such a stinging rebuke from his own party would turn him so astonishingly from schoolmarm to the Wicked Witch, and how Democrats would then immediately misplace the much-needed bucket of water.  Each move was more astonishing than the last: the fanatical, clearly religiously tinged support for the many “Wars of Terror,” the rather repulsive making out with Bush, actually campaigning for McCain.  Excuse me?  The lack of punishment for his egregious disloyalty in these cases led us directly to today, when President Lieberman grandly announced, like Goldilocks, that now, after being stripped of all meaning, the health car bill was “just right.”   Please, Harry, tell me again how Lieberman is “with us on everything but the war.”

Brought on to discuss the debacle that had just occurred due to Lieberman’s treachery, my own lame-ass Senator Ron Wyden was on Ed Schultz today, and dismissed such vile behavior from a fellow Democrat, and in his adenoidal earnestness, said to an understandably unreceptive Ed, “Let’s not focus on personalities…”   Ron, what, for the love of God, was the point, if not personalties?  Democrats refuse to grasp, to their considerable detriment, what Joe Lieberman is.  He’s an embittered mediocrity determined above all else to screw over liberals, on whom he blames his ignominious defeat, quite rightly, in both the 2006 primary and his risible attempt at the Presidency in 2008.  He’s basically a child having a temper tantrum and he desperately needs a Time Out.  To lots of people, but evidently not Wyden, this is all about “personalities.”  Defective ones.

Worse, he’s the very embodiment of the slavery to monied interests that ought to be the one thing Democrats could  hold up against the Republicans, would that they didn’t put up with people like Lieberman muddying the picture for everyone from disaffected liberals to Hitler-obsessed Teabaggers.  The very existence of Lieberman is not only humiliating and discrediting to Democrats, pretty much every day, but is at this point a suicide pact wherein Democrats go first and Lieberman can decide whether to go along after the fact.

In his book, “Earth in the Balance,” Gore had a funny picture from Saturday Night Live that was a fake commercial for the “Yard-A-Pult,” a device which launched one’s trash into the neighbor’s yard.  For the sake of his country and party, Gore needs to give Harry Reid a Yard-A-Pult, to launch his former running mate to the other side of the aisle.


  1. dirigo says:

    Rosa De Lauro, the New Haven Democratic congresswoman, jumped up over the last day and called for Lieberman’s recall, except there is no such recall provision in Connecticut.

    Putting that aside, De Lauro’s upset may indicate the depth of annoyance with Joe within the party and the state as a whole.

    Another longtime state Democratic leader, John Larson, former state House speaker and now congressman, also waxed regrettably over the Lieberman spectacle.

    But again, it’s not clear what the lesser state officials can do right now.

    However, the lights in the insurance towers in Hartford are all shining brightly tonight.

  2. cocktailhag says:

    I imagine they are. Still, this isn’t Lieberman’s fault. It’s the simpletons who trusted him.

  3. nailhead tom says:

    ” The very existence of Lieberman is not only humiliating and discrediting to Democrats, pretty much every day”

    Yeah, you’re right. But it’s not just Joe. What about fellows like Rod Blogojavich and that Jefferson guy in Louisiana and John Edwards and unindicted intellectual frisbee repairmen like John Kerry and Al Gore? I almost forgot Kwami Kilpatrick, impossible to overlook. Charlie Rangel’s last wardrobe might be blaze orange. So, when all the contemporary Democrats stand in line to join Andrew Jackson on the other side of the New Deal pearly gates, Joe will just be another face in the sleazy crowd.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Unlike you,Tom, I am capable of criticizing my own kind. I can’t help but notice that you left out about a hundred GOP worthies who were much worse than any you mentioned. Cunningham? DeLay? Abramoff? Do you want then alphabetically or at random? As Retzilian astutely, if ineffectively, pointed out, your refusal to see things in anything except Rovian “black and white” undermines your “argument.” Such myopia often leads to such pathetically irrelevant points being made: I’m pretty used to it by now. Just like Joe, you “found religion” of the most retarded sort, for temporary gain. Sadly for you both, Fox has all of its time slots filled.

      • nailhead tom says:

        Good point. Can’t forget about Arlen Specter and Jim Jeffords. Although Specter has yet to expose himself to the voters in his new, Dem haberdashery. Be interesting to see if the VOTERS, like those in Connecticut, choose the man or the party. The democratic one man-one vote concept is sacred, unless the winner, like Lieberman, doesn’t follow the leftist marching orders and wanders off on his own personal agenda. Then the voters are stupid, influenced by the criminals of the business world and listening to too much talk radio. Luckily, when you Leninists grab control, in the single candidate elections that ensue there won’t be any mistakes and all the victors will adhere to the master plan.

        • cocktailhag says:

          Try, if you can, to see the difference between Jeffords and Specter. Jeffords changed parties out of principle, with no election looming. Specter switched because he knew he’d lose the Republican primary. (Pennsylvania has a “sore loser” law which would have prevented him from pulling a Lieberman and running in the general…) And far from “wandering off,” Lieberman had velcroed himself so tightly to Bush that Connecticut Democrats rightly tossed him out, only to see him eke out a victory by getting 75% of the Republican vote. Remember, too, that Lieberman falsely claimed he wanted to end the war in that election. Those were the days.
          As for “Leninists” grabbing control, well, that’s too ridiculous and FOX-addled to deserve a response.

  4. sysprog says:

    It wasn’t for Aetna.
    Heck, you could make a case for helping a local company.
    No, it was pure pissiness.
    It was to piss off the bloggers.
    THAT is now the conventional wisdom in DC, and I buy it:

  5. dirigo says:

    An obscure provision in the health bill was deleted over the last two days, amidst the uproar over the Lieberman gambit.

    It was the American Noisy Sex Treatment Amendment, vaguely reported, little understood, yet, clearly controversial.

    Opponents decried the implications of the amendment on privacy grounds and cited the following incident in Great Britain as cause for concern, even alarm.

    Americans, the amendment’s opponents said, are the freest people on earth, are, as everyone else on earth knows, exceptional, and therefore have the God-given right to be as noisy as they want in any circumstance, in or out of the borders of the United States.

  6. retzilian says:

    Joe must be closely connected to the Mossad or something and have really incriminating information on EVERYONE in order to be able to get away with this and keep his chairmanship.

    It’s the only explanation I can think of.

    In today’s column, Glenn posits that Obama & Co. want this watered-down Senate version of health care and that’s why they are not fighting Lieberman. I disagree with this and think there is much to it that we are not privy.

    • cocktailhag says:

      It’s a win-win for everyone except actual people. Lieberman gets the limelight, Obama and Reid escape blame, the Medical Industrial Complex gets even more money, and they all live happily ever after.

  7. retzilian says:

    Besides, how is the government going to enforce mandated health insurance? What are they going to do, have a health insurance police? Are they going to rely on it like the BMV do when you sign a document saying you have insurance?

    It’s ridiculous. I could forge a thousand documents that indicate I have health insurance and never once actually buy a policy. How are they going to penalize me? It’s not like the Medicare Part B opt-in when you decide to take Part B they can dock your social security check.

    What are the provisions for enforcement? Are they merely relying on the law-abiding nature of the sheep?

    HA! Good luck with that one. Anyone under age 55 will give them the middle finger salute.

  8. retzilian says:

    Hey, I have a brilliant idea. If this POS* bill passes with the provision that you have to buy health insurance, I think I’ll create a cottage industry of forged health insurance documents, forged insurance cards, and all manner of phony paraphernalia to fool the Health Insurance Pohleece.

    Any investors interested? It will be an online store. We could be rich.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I think you’ll only get a hit on your tax return and it’s fairly low. Last I heard about $700 annually, or way less than the policy, at least in the House bill. This further weakens the bill financially, of course, since younger, healthier people would naturally opt for the much cheaper tax hit, and tilt the pool further toward the older and sicker. It’s fucked up either way. Requiring people to pay for 30% overhead to private monopolies instead of some lower-overhead thing like Medicare shows that, like bank robbers, our policy elite know where the money is.
      I do like the business idea, though. After Sept. 11, I wanted to develop SAM’s that looked like leaf blowers, but succumbed to moral qualms, and the potential for the market drying up. Had I but known. Those things would be selling bigger now than ever, and I’d be on a beach somewhere.

      • retzilian says:

        Oh, heck, even a halfway decent policy for a healthy 25-yr old will run over $1200 a year.

        I was paying almost $5,000 a year for me and my two kidlets at home. And I’m an agent, so I actually got a whopping $48 a month in commission on selling my own policy, but it was still too expensive so I dropped it!

  9. avelna says:

    What the hell is the Democratic leadership afraid of? Taking away Lieberman’s committee chairmanship would have no effect whatsoever on his voting patterns at this point so why hasn’t it been done?? I saw Wyden on Countdown last night. What a pussy-whipped whore.

    • cocktailhag says:

      How would you feel if he was your senator, and you’d repeatedly voted for him, if only against the Republican? Wyden had an even more righty bill of his own, “The Healthy Americans Act,” which collapsed amid liberal Bronx cheers, only to now emerge as a pretty good template for the crap we got. Great. The locally famous Tom Dwyer of the eponymous auto repair shop who runs policy-laden, ranting commercials on KPOJ had a whole series lambasting Wyden, including a recorded call to his office, and instructions for listeners to call. They were hilarious, but he didn’t respond to CHNN’s request for an interview. Maybe I’ll call him this time.

  10. dirigo says:

    No doubt centrist Democrats wouldn’t believe in this cure either, to say nothing of neanderthal Republicans …

    “Arts are a frill.”

  11. rmp says:

    Greenwald really nails Obama-Emanuel today on UT. It doesn’t accomplish much to go after Lieberman and pals on both sides of the isle. We have to go after systems. The one that could be accomplished more easily than other systems changes would be to change redistricting so that we could have actual competitive races in the House and Senate. Or we have to create a true third party.

    • cocktailhag says:

      The pesky thing is that everybody who matters, from Obama on down, is a part of the “system.” It’s bigger than everybody. The Senate itself is part of the problem… why does Wyoming have as much power as California, when their relative impacts on the health of the country are so laughably incomparable? It’s ridiculous to listen to people who together represent a percentage point of the country tell the rest of us what to do. They have no idea, of course, because their uninhabited tundras have no society to speak of, and governing an empty field is fairly easy.

      • Sarah P. says:

        Such far left disdain, for the great land that is America.
        Can’t you hear America singing?
        Don’t you hear the land crying out,
        “One acre, one vote.”

        Also. Cocktailhag? I could drink you under the table.

        My friend Tom told me about this far left site but your blog is a bridge to nowheresville and to that bridge I say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

        Also. If you want to be my friend anyway, just click on my name.

        • dirigo says:

          Hey, Hag, I think you have termites in your floor joists.

        • cocktailhag says:

          As far as the drinking under the table thing, I have my doubts. Drinking is probably the thing I’m best at, and I don’t think I’ve been outdone at it since the Reagan years.
          Also, (no pun intended) I guess I’m biased, because my little acre has 500 residents, but I wouldn’t trade it for methane-releasing melting tundra just to have more clout.

        • retzilian says:

          Oh….You better pack light
          You better salute
          You better be white
          Don’t bring any fruit
          Sarah Palin’s coming to town

          Can’t take any pics
          Don’t ask for a quote
          If you buy a book then she gets your vote
          Sarah Palin’s coming to town

          She travels on a Lear Jet
          Cuz she is just plain folks
          She writes op-eds for right wing rags
          So she’s good for Late Night jokes.

          Oh, you better not fret
          You only get two
          And maybe she’ll let
          Trig sign ‘em for you
          Sarah Palin’s coming to town

  12. skeptic says:

    sysprog’s right. I’ve been spending even more time than usual at FDL the past week or so.

    Consensus there is that neither Reid nor Obama wanted to take the fall– or the hit from liberals/progressives– for this miserable health care bill. Joe Lieberman, otoh, was only too happy to oblige. He does still owe the “left,” after all, for his defeat to Ned Lamont. As Ezra Klein put it, he seems to be “motivated only by torturing liberals.”

    • cocktailhag says:

      Jane has been on Ed Schultz almost every day lately, harshly criticizing everyone involved, and listening to her on the radio, I can now “hear” her writing. She and FDL have really been great on this subject.