Et Tu, Allstate?

Never have I been happier to be wrong about something as I am now, having so confidently predicted what would  happen, nothing, to the Bloated Bloviator as a result of his, uh, improperly chosen words, all twelve thousand of them.  AOL and Allstate were the 11th and 12th advertisers to leave, effective today, and a radio station in Hawaii just dropped his show.  So horrified was he at this highly belated backlash, he actually attempted his first-ever effort to apologize, but was no more successful in this commercially necessary endeavor than Fonzie in Happy Days.  “I was wrrrr………”

What’s so satisfying about this scandal is that it throws open the whole enchilada of righty modus operandi, and not even the Liberal Media can laugh it off anymore.  Dealing with articulate opponents, particularly those of the female persuasion, they have a tried and true format, and everything was going like clockwork, until the clock unexpectedly stopped.  From Anita Hill to Valerie Plame, Jocelyn Elders to the Dixie Chicks, the fairly overt message to women who spoke unpleasant truths was always, “We have ways to make you shut up,” and it usually worked, at least for the moment, when it mattered.  But suddenly this strategy backfired horribly and maybe irreversibly, and for this we owe Rush a debt of gratitude.  He became a victim of the vituperative, unaccountable world of hate radio he created, and now he’s the fire hoses in Birmingham, the My Lai massacre, that finally wakes people up to the evil in their midst.

It was inevitable, really, that it would come to this, since the sublime arrogance of overpaid radio celebrities and their constant need to up the ante makes Limbaugh’s behavior drearily familiar.   Especially if, as it increasingly appears, his audience, demographically, is particularly susceptible to needing to be buried, and he’s unlikely to lure the under-70 market with doddering, ill-informed horseshit like last week’s bilious and demented 3-day soliloquy.  He says his talent is on loan from God, in which case one could plausibly argue that God sent the repo angel a while back.

If I were an optimist, which I’m not, I would think that the relentlessly negative media attention this outburst created would show that most, if not all, similar Republican political tantrums are equally scurrilous, personal, and most importantly, false.  After all, Anita Hill was right about Clarence Thomas, Valerie Plame’s husband was right about WMD, the Dixie Chicks were right about President Bush, and c’mon, Jocelyn Elders was right about masturbation, too.  Though no one remembers it that way, it was their obnoxious, sexist critics who were “wrrrrr…”

Sandra Fluke represents the first time one of them were forced to admit this crucial point  before what Rush calls the “drive-by media,” drove away.

I’ll drink to that.



  1. michlib says:

    Looks like the island nation of Glennbeckistan will increase in population to two. And it looks like Bill O’Really is filling out his visa. We can always hope.

  2. cocktailhag says:

    We’ll see. Don Imus, who suffered a similar fate, was pretty pessimistic about the ol’ fatty’s prospects, and utterly dismissive of his TWO fake apologies.

  3. meremark says:


    A second station in Pittsfield, MA, has publicly announced its intention to drop Lamebrain programming. Reported on The Ed Show, MSNBC, March 5.

    There is a petition collecting signatures toward a massive demand that Lamebrain get kicked off his Armed Forces Network distribution.
    Reported here, for signatures:

    Liars Larson today ducked and covered up any recognition of the collapsing Lamebrain black-hole gravity which can and may well suck the entire genre of politicstalk including Liars into annihilation and oblivion. Oregon’s so-called Radio Personality of the Year burned all the showtime he could muster for discussing bully outrage about the Seaside City Library refusing to host the commotions of gangs of Bible thumpers. Larson’s vocal pipes sounded squeaky and pinched like a guilty dog crying with his tail between his legs.

    Stay tuned for fast-breaking bulletins into CHNN headquarters as the kookys crumble.

  4. dirigo says:

    Someone mentioned absurdity in the last few days.

    Ann “The Stick” Coulter, lamenting the passing of Andrew Breitbart, said over the weekend it was all like the death of John Lennon to her.

  5. meremark says:


    Latest finding where I survey the internet:

    Lamebrain advertiser protest is suddenly mass-erupting in the surprise like and imitation of Occupy everywhere overnight. It’s those damn kids and their smart phone flashmobs — ya’ gotta love ‘em.

    Power-sized crowds in the Face Twitter Cloud are raining millions of tweety pecks on the social links of sponsors. Preliminary organizing websites are collecting advertiser names in local markets and airing any time of day on any station in the Lamebrain syndicate.

    Advertisers are getting flooded with flying fickle finger flips of fate, mostly vowing a boycott until Rush and all hateradio is gone.

    The action is in the fashion of the young generations, which I am not a figure in and I don’t know the methods of. Yet, wow!, I appreciate the force of texts of millions (mostly women) is to be reckoned with. Advertisers are texting back, ‘We reckon we’ll be cutting off all connections to pariah Limbaugh and his stations.’

    Occupy radio & advertiser lines. It’s happening. Big time.

    Stroll around the intertubes and see the flood waves for yourself.


    • cocktailhag says:

      I have been, and it’s a sheer delight. I hope more stations, as well as advertisers, drop him. The “apology” had no affect, except perhaps to worsen things.

  6. Ché Pasa says:

    Power to the People; power to the People right on!

    It does have the feeling of a mass movement of revulsion at that FF’s Filth — finally. He’s been on this road so many times before and always managed to slither away relatively unscathed. Doesn’t look like he’ll be able to get away with it this time.

    Too many people are asking too many questions about his real audience numbers (you can bet they are far smaller than the 20 million he’s been advertising) and what demographic listens to him (the soon-to-be expired). Or do they even listen to him at all? He was having a very public — and to me obvious — Oxycontin meltdown on air for the better part of a year before anyone noticed enough to say…. “Say! Dude’s fucked up!” beyond his usual anyway.

    However, I still expect Santorum to approach The Master on his bloody knees and ask forgiveness… It would be such a finishing touch to this nasty business.

  7. avelna says:

    And Romney Robo Corp(h/t Cenk Uygur) merely stated that Fat-asse’s choice of words was unfortunate – he would apparently have used different words (no doubt – can’t imagine those words forcing their way past his virgin lips) to say the same thing. McCain OTOH actually stepped up to the plate for a change. Wonder what Palin has to say about the whole thing.

  8. rukidding says:

    It’s certainly heartening to see *some* corporations backing hastily away from that corpulant sack of shit. Sadly I won’t hold my breath to see if any of it “sticks.”

    There is an article in my local “nooz” paper that baldly stated that the flight of advertisers would soon do a reverse “migration” back to El Lushbo. I hate to say it, but I doubt that El Lushbo is done.

    Limpdick was a LOSS leader for many many many years. Paying Limpshit’s big fat salary is *chump change* for the 1%, and nasty hateful creeps like Lamebrain play a valuable role for the 1% – pitting segments of the 99% against other segments of the 99%.

    Like racist bigotry, hatred of women always “sells” to certain crowds. Methinks this is but a temporary retreat, alas.

    I hope I am dead wrong. Only time will tell…

  9. meremark says:


    My gleanings today:

    * Three other Accredited commenters turned out echoing my earlier (premature?) hunch saying Face-boo Twitters (not ‘old’ media) are going to bury Lamebrain sponsors and thereby vaporize his presence, smoke his life. In his own words within his flukey ‘apology’ Monday, the Rash man said: “I succumbed.” U bet UR bippy, Baby Huey. Yo’ is succumbed. respired. EXpired. gone to room temperature.

    * US Representative Cohen, (D – TN), said on TV that his re-election campaign would NOT ADVERTISE on any Clear Channel billboard or broadcast station or other media property, (some daily newspapers), due to Clear Channel Lamebraining.

    * Two articles shared my perception that Lamebrain’s demise takes attached with it the end and disappearance of the politicstalk radio genre – Rash endangered, soon extinct.

    The strongest and prominent instance is Joe Strupp’s write-up for Media Matters. Radio Experts: Limbaugh May Have Triggered Long-Term Ad Exodus, March 06, 2012 2:44 pm ET by Joe Strupp.


    • cocktailhag says:

      I saw that today, and the dewy-eyed ingenue in me thinks it’s great.
      The hag, however, runs the place, and she thinks this is just more wishful thinking. They’ve been even more lame and out of touch with public opinion, and still won the battle. Never underestimate the power of IOKIYAR.