hate radio

Sounding rather like a cartoon villain, Rush Limbaugh just confidently assured  his audience of the myriad ways Democrats, liberals, and others were going to be persecuted, humiliated, and eliminated, once they were righteously driven from power by real Americans and a vengeful, oppressive government would make them pay dearly, apparently  led by him.  You tell ‘em, Rush.  That is so going to happen.  Would that these addled fantasies of a deranged, overpaid drug abuser were not taken as gospel by millions of equally deranged Americans, who, having been hectored mercilessly about the deadly menace of most of their fellow citizens, are alarmingly likely to think Rush has a pretty good idea.

Hate radio, which began as a way to sell trickle-down conservatism to the rubes using unsubtle appeals to racism, sexism, and what have you, has evolved (or was not so Intelligently Designed) to be something far scarier.  In the 20-some years this garbage has been carpet-bombing America, its original “tough on crime” theme has been broadened and stretched to the point where its audience openly supports torture, even to death, particularly if the victim is dusky-hued.  Its aggressive militarism has transmogrified into a bloodthirsty eagerness to bomb, even nuke, random countries that might annoy “us.”  The shootings in the Unitarian church, just as the shooting of doctors who perform abortions before them and the barrage of death threats sure to descend upon the target of the day, show that this crass, venal trick that’s been played on millions of people, has, well, gotten a skosh out of hand.

Hate Radio has had many victims, so perhaps it’s fitting that , as a medium, it’s now a victim of its own “success.”  Although it is quite profitable, the absurd contracts such “talent” as Limbaugh receive could pay for hundreds of other voices who would rate higher in many markets, so the giants like Clear Channel are subsidizing hate speech at the expense of the bottom line.  Worse, after so many years of doing so, every angry, violent, and crazy person in America is now a devoted listener, and who ever expected there’d be so dang many of them?  After all these years of slander and dehumanization of the other du jour, which now encompasses an entire majority political party and much of the world, they’ve developed an audience with a taste for blood, who are rightly frustrated at the moment.. Rush, and his sponsors, stand at a crossroads.  Keep this crazy audience, even though it’s smaller, less demographically desirable, and seems prone to potential bad PR in the form of violence, or try to be more moderate, and be barraged with death threats themselves.  How would they like it if the Frankenstein monsters they’ve created by the millions started stomping around their gated compounds?  The question answers itself.  Not much.  Like all of the righty gasbags, Rush likes wars, as long as others do the icky, potentially painful parts.

The lunatics have now taken over the asylum.  Thanks, Clear Channel.


  1. heru-ur says:


    Another very good essay. I am very glad you posted it — keep up the good (and free!) work.

  2. Jim White says:

    If they keep this up, they will achieve their name: a clear channel. Oh, it will be sputtering nonsense, but if nobody is listening to it, does it really make a noise?

    • cocktailhag says:

      Jim.. I confess I read the transcript at Oxdown, and probably should have h/ted it… It’s called something about jumping the shark; you should read the whole thing. It’s another monkey cage.
      But I don’t think “nobody” is listening… too many crazy people are.

  3. Arun says:

    As we speak, Clear Channel is drawing on its last line of credit.

    “Take Clear Channel. The private equity firms Bain Capital and THL Partners paid top dollar to win shareholder approval for their $27.5 billion buyout of the company in mid-2007. The price was later renegotiated, but clearly not by enough. Clear Channel had over $19 billion of borrowings at the end of its most recent quarter. This week it tapped the remaining $1.6 billion of a credit facility, sending its more senior loans to trade at just 45 cents on the dollar.”


    I wonder, if it files for bankruptcy, will the contracts with Limbaugh etc. be renegotiated.

    • cocktailhag says:

      That’s what’s about to happen with Sirius/XM (remember when some people talked antitrust about that merger?) and their $200 million contract with Howard Stern. It’s more trickle down, really. Eliminate thousands of radio jobs in favor of a few, made rich as Midas. It works, until it doesn’t.
      If it happens to Clear Channel, I’ll drink to that. More than usual.

  4. Karen M says:

    Just imagine the online party rolling across the country… if only it should happen!

    • cocktailhag says:

      Pedinska will need her Pomtini plastic cover, for sure. I might even take my curlers out.

      • Dirigo says:

        I think Barney Frank, when he has a spare moment from his duties to fry the fat of the nation’s bankers, should be the chief auctioneer of the nation’s radio spectrum.

        He could start by taking command of the golden EIB microphone, ordering the immediate silence of the demagogue Limbaugh, and playing some dance or polka music along the way, bang the gavel, and get on with it.

        • cocktailhag says:

          My hope is that the radio giants will collapse of their own weight, like their fattest loudmouth. Just as with the banks, they’ve gotten too big to NOT fail. And all the arrogance, stupidity, and such that goes with that seems to be helping the process along. How’d you like to see Rush whining for a “retention bonus?”

  5. cocktailhag says:

    I’m hoping that it’s the end of a cultural calamity…

    • rmp says:

      As I have said many times, the RWAs are their own worst enemy. Just give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. Is that enough overused axioms or should I throw out some more? I want as many stupid, sheep voters to keep listening to Rush and Palin and not start listening to Republicans like Charlie Crist. The more the right is split and stays split keeps us in power for a long time. While the selection of Steele shows the Repugs want a larger tent. His style of same ole politics won’t work. The younger voters and immigrants turned citizens are forming a new power block and I don’t see the right getting much of a foot hold if they keep to their tired, dirty tactics.

      • cocktailhag says:

        Yes, they seem to be heading toward permanent minority, unfortunately a position which “validates” the victim mentality they’ve nurtured in their followers. It’s that toxic 25% of RWA true believers that scare me.

  6. sysprog says:

    Sara Robinson writes:


    Progressives around the country can breathe a little easier today: James Adkisson has been sentenced to life behind bars for the deaths of Greg McKendry and Linda Kraeger, the Unitarian Universalist martyrs who died during his assault on their church in Knoxville, TN last July. [...] When police searched Adkisson’s apartment [...] found it filled with books and newsletters penned by Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and other right-wing hate talkers.But yesterday, Adkisson told us himself — in his own words — just how central right-wing eliminationism was in driving him to his shooting spree. Shortly after he was sentenced yesterday, he released a four-page handwritten “manifesto” — which he’d intended to be his suicide note — to the Knoxville News (the full .pdf can be downloaded here). In it, he unleashes the full measure of his hatred for liberals — and encourages other would-be right-wing warriors to take up arms and follow him into battle. [...]
    – - Sara Robinson

  7. ckelly says:

    Oh Noes. If clear channel collapses, does Limpbaugh hit the airwaves begging for a bailout?

  8. Meremark says:

    Rash Lamebrain, as I’ve seen it bent. From there it soon is Crash Loser.

    But he’s not my target victim. Lars ‘puts the I in Liars‘ Larson is. The local leading insurrectionist. Captains of our ship of State have an indictment for it: Mutiny; and a resolution: Lynching.

    He goes last. Before his own, have him watch the fatal fate of each paying commercial sponsor whose pennies plied his puking meter. Eyes can witness each business strung out, dried up, left dangling, twisting slowly slowly in the retribution winds. Ears can hear the medley of their failing screams, a harmony more pleasant than the single best-lilt hour of Liars.

    Then it’s his turn. Already seen coming, Liars has leapt for a lifeboat and lashed himself on the starboard beam of the TV dinghy KGW8 on Saturday evenings, maybe to be paid and not seen. That dinghy crew casts him back to hang overboard for his short lot, as soon as it is told his rotund age and botox has grotesqued his feature too awfully horribly hag for TV.

    Grab the tie, cut the plank. He’s done. And lies now with Davy Jones.

  9. Meremark says:

    Street photos showing a rowdy crowd targeting protest demonstration at Murdoch’s ‘massmedia property’ New York Post, HERE.

    Paul Allen’s ‘massmedia property’ for harboring Liars, perhaps gets knew‘s of such a shout heard ’round the streets.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I’ve noticed that about righties… they all start to look the same. Beady eyes in a fleshy face; the cartoon schoolyard bully.
      Isn’t it nice for Murdoch, to have newspapers to quote at his newspapers, and tv stations to qoute at his tv stations. Nice work if you can get it.