Postcards From the Edge

The Oregonian has an odd policy about running letters, or rather, not so odd, unfortunately.  Like many other withering daily newspapers, it tries to hold onto its old and addled but nonetheless loyal readers at the expense of publishing, daily, such complete nonsense that other readers must find pretty discrediting to the paper, not to mention the community.  Here’s a sampling just from today, which is a bit spicier than most because a bunch of the usual wingnuts were all huffy that a liberal contributor earlier in the week had been given a guest column that pithily dispatched all their arguments.  Fox-sodden nincompoops that they are, they came back to go all Bill O’Reilly on the guy.  Behold:

Bobby Kennedy

Robert Ellis Gordon gets half a page to hype two extreme-left positions: the first, that we, like him, should ignore our economists’ warnings and raise taxes during a depression (yes, it is); and second, the Kennedys, the worst thing that ever happened to American politics.

As a leftist theoretician, Gordon can afford to ignore economic science; as a pensioner, I can’t. As a leftist theoretician, Gordon must ignore the truth of history; as an observer of the historical record, I don’t ignore it.

The Kennedys were a corrupt bunch who believed that they were born to rule the USA, and the historical record amply shows that seamy side of “Camelot.



As you’d expect, Gresham isn’t a very nice place, but you might be a bit surprised to find that the article in question was a bland recitation of the lifelong commitment of Bobby Kennedy and his brothers to helping those less fortunate, and worse, fighting inequality, that got poor old George’s Depends in a bunch.  The worst part about the letter, aside from its being a string of simpleminded Fox buzzwords, is that everything in it is false, irrelevant, or just plain crazy, and this is the sort of horseshit, and obnoxious horseshit at that, that the Oregonian runs every day.  And from yet another lying, dyspeptic old coot, collecting a pension (!) while he wastes reader’s time typing up Glenn Beck and Hate Radio.

Brooks on the Economy

David Brooks’ “The economy isn’t a machine” enumerates some of the economic arrangements proper to a free society, referring to them, rightly, as “the old wisdom of common sense” — “simple regulations, low debt, high savings, hard work, few distortions” — and concludes, “You don’t have to be a genius to come up with an economic policy like that.” But, in fact, it was a genius who came up with it, and his name was Adam Smith.

Wrote Smith in “The Wealth of Nations”: “The duty of superintending the industry of private people, and of directing it towards the employments most suitable to the interest of the society” can never fall to a central authority because “no human wisdom or knowledge could ever be sufficient” to undertake the task. He referred to his as “the system of natural liberty.”

Northwest Portland

This is a more reasonable letter than we usually see from Mr. Sargent, whose letters run several times a month in a city of a half million, all simply saying whatever the Republican talking point du jour is, always scoldingly and witlessly.  Like Schneider, though, Louis has of late put his Glenn Beck thinking cap on, and now sweeps cherry-picked quotes from the greybeards of old, which he magnanimously shares with the 85% or Oregonian readers who are smarter than he. He’s so highbrow now, he’s quoting that hippie David Brooks from the commie New York Times approvingly.   You, go Louie, I always look forward to your missives.  The last one is the best, though, since it’s little more than a racist, eliminationist fairy tale, but somehow it’s in the Oregonian, so it must matter to Oregonians.

Israel is the one being bullied

A Nov. 18 letter makes the now fashionable claim by leftist fringe elements in society, the same ones who hate America as much as they hate embattled Israel, that the Jewish state is a bully. According to the dictionary a bully is someone habitually cruel to someone weaker than himself.
Of all the nations in the world, the one state that suffers most from bullies in its nasty neighborhood is tiny Israel. And the bullies are the surrounding Muslims and Arabs who comprise the Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Islamic Jihad gangsters who plan genocide against the Jewish homeland and its people. Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, along with the entire Islamic world, are complicit. That’s a lot of bullies.
Northwest Portland
I find myself wondering whether such a false and hateful diatribe could be deemed fit for publication, were the targets any other race or group than the hated Muslims.  I also find myself missing Louie, if this is the sort of debased thinking the Oregonian sees fit to publish, filled with lies and distortions, and dripping with racist hate.  It’s bad enough watching Fox News, which I can and do choose not to do, but to have to read the brutal, misinformed, and twisted minds it creates in my hometown newspaper every day is a bit much to ask.  As I well know, the Oregonian heavily censors and/or edits its liberal letter writers, myself especially, always saying what I’d written was too “over the top,” or that they’d left this or that out because of “length.” Never, though because anything I’d written was false, as was almost everything in the letters here.  As the samples above make clear, no such standards exist for the right, they seem only required to spell their lies correctly and hit send, and the Oregonian runs them, unashamedly, without the least fact-checking, much less any standards of decency.  It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.