The Cementheads

From the Oil Spill Commission (OSC), 10/28/10:

“We have known for some time that the cement used to secure the production casing and isolate the hydrocarbon zone at the bottom of the Macondo well must have failed in some manner.  That cement should have prevented hydrocarbons from entering the well.”

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“We asked Halliburton to supply us samples of materials like those actually used at the Macondo well … Halliburton agreed that the Chevron lab (in Houston) was highly qualified for this work.”

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“Chevron agreed as a public service to test the cement slurry on behalf of the commission.”

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“Chevron’s report states, among other things, that its lab personnel were unable to generate stable foam cement … using the materials provided by Halliburton … This may have contributed to the blowout.”

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“The documents provided to us by Halliburton show, among other things, that its personnel conducted at least four foam stability tests relevant to the Macondo cement slurry.”

(Note:  the report indicates Halliburton did not provide BP with results from all four tests prior to the blowout.)

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“Taken together, these (the Halliburton) documents lead us to believe that:

(1)    Only one of the four tests discussed above that Halliburton ran on the various slurry designs for the final cement job at the Macondo well indicated that the slurry design would be stable;

(2)    Halliburton may not have had – and BP did not have -  the results of that test before the evening of April 19, meaning that the cement job may have been pumped without any lab results indicating that the foam slurry would be stable;

(3)    Halliburton and BP both had results in March showing that a very similar foam slurry design to the one actually pumped at the Macondo well would be unstable, but neither acted upon that data; and

(4)    Halliburton (and perhaps BP) should have considered redesigning the foam slurry before pumping it at the Macondo well.”

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