Prostitution in the old Massachusetts Bay Colony (1628-92), which then ran north into southern Maine and included the seaside town of Kennebunk (“So Close, Yet Worlds Away”), was a hanging offense. Times have changed however.  And so on Friday a state judge in Portland accepted a plea deal from alleged Zumba dance madam Alexis Wright [...]

Too Pooped To Pop

Poor ol’ Willard can’t catch a break these days and, oddly enough for a guy who seems utterly convinced his shit doesn’t stink, poop always seems to be involved.  For a long time, the NYT’s Gail Collins has obsessed about his dog squirting butt gravy off the roof of the car (she brought it up [...]

A Plan That Needs a Planet

The GOP strategy for achieving its already media-trumpeted 2010 landslide is shaping up, and it has to be admired for its sheer audacity, as well as its desperate but hardly unwarranted reliance on the media continuing to be as stupid as it was throughout the Bush years.  Richard Cohen, David Broder, and David Gregory are [...]

Racism… it’s the new black

I got home today, and as I usually do, popped into Glenn Greenwald at Salon, to see if he’d gotten all Greenwaldian and put up another post while I was at work, knowing that if he hadn’t, the letters would have poured in since 6:00am and it could take a whole bottle of something to [...]

Reading the ticker tape

I thought that an important element of any political discourse in the peculiar political environment in which we find ourselves would be the identification, and dissection, of right-wing talking points.  Each day, a fresh set is trotted out to distract from what is actually happening, and everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Shooter242 repeat them by [...]