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Prostitution in the old Massachusetts Bay Colony (1628-92), which then ran north into southern Maine and included the seaside town of Kennebunk (“So Close, Yet Worlds Away”), was a hanging offense. Times have changed however.  And so on Friday a state judge in Portland accepted a plea deal from alleged Zumba dance madam Alexis Wright [...]

Mix Shake Stir…

I first became aware of this book because of a blog I was following on Twitter. I really do wish I could drink more… as well as more often, but I can’t. My particular combination of body mass and biochemistry will not permit such behavior without dire consequences. [I mostly get sick.] However, I am [...]

The Dangedest Thing

  As many of you are perfectly capable of discerning, the Hag is no computer genius.  Each day new mysteries appear before me, garnered though the toobz’s mysterious portals like Google Analytics, and even the info in the site administration section of this blog.  How, indeed, is it that the Hag has 16 subscribers in [...]

there’s one born every minute

Having lovingly but seldom soberly slapped out some sort of “content” here over the past few months every other day or so, I find myself still wondering about what readers want.  What I consider Rushmore-worthy monuments to probing thought and discourse might draw a scandalously small audience, while something shallow, slapdash and crummy to my [...]