Eleven Dimensional Chess

Until just lately, I was starting to get a little despondent over the absurd overexposure of Loyal Bushies and the entirely undeserved legitimacy being lavished upon them by the Liberal Media since the 2006 anti-GOP LANDSLIDE election and Obama’s subsequent victory, where they have reliably preformed as a a whiny, petulant government-in-exile.  The Sunday shows were dominated last weekend by a parade of liars, fools, sadists, and nitwits, all of whom are thoroughly discredited and most of whom ought to be behind bars, to “defend,” unashamedly, the lowest moments of their service to the Worst President in History.  I was nauseated, but then I realized that was because these people and their cracked ideas are nauseating, and not just to me.

As though it weren’t enough that the American people have been forced to endure, post 2010, the worst episode of delusional Republican overreach since, well, the last time Presidential candidate (!) Newt Gingrich was in the news, this motley bunch of walking disasters have decided that everything Bush did was pure genius, and they’re loudly proclaiming this errant nonsense to a public which may be forgetful, but doesn’t have the late-stage Alzheimer’s required to swallow such horseshit.  To their addled minds, Americans ought to be proud of Abu Ghraib, Iraq, and tax cuts for the rich, forever.  Worse, they should surely thrill at the deceptive and questionable legal means necessary to achieve such murky, elitist goals in every state, not just in faraway Washington.

Like the craziest right-wingers of old who mistrusted Nixon until Watergate, a group determined by Bob Altemeyer’s exhaustive examination of right-wing authoritarianism to be a reliable quarter or so of the population, today’s mainstream Republicans just glory in the idea of taking up unpopular causes against the will of clear majorities, just for the joy of getting their way.  The more people they piss off, the better.  Such a strategy does wonders with the Fox News BarcaLounger set, but it obviously must also entail a lot of expensive and politically tricky misinformation, disenfranchisement, bribery, and myriad other unconstitutional behavior, since so few support the policies they want.  So far, they’ve been equal to the challenge; since the first post-Citizens (!) United election last November, all the KOCH-purchased states have quickly moved not just to make voting harder for Democratic-leaning groups, but have also moved aggressively against Democrats’ erstwhile funders while lavishing their own with government booty.  (Not that kind of booty, openly anyway, but I’m sure it’s involved, too…)

Basically, they’re admitting that they wouldn’t stand an ice cube’s chance in hell of winning if they had to play the game honestly, so they’re choosing the Rove/Bush playbook instead, since it’s all they have, but luckily, a lot of people still remember how things turned out with Bush and Rove.  Few of the much-discussed but seldom seen “Independents” recall all of the outrages of the Bush years, hence their nutty and stupid votes in 2004, but they do know that something went horribly wrong during 2001-2009, and that Condi, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al were clearly a part of it, as well as a power-grabbing, domineering executive branch that routinely treated overwhelmingly negative public opinion with a dismissive, “so what?”

We now have half a dozen states run by people that looked at the abysmal record of George W. Bush and decided that he wasn’t bold enough in ruining the country economically, socially, and morally, because he was too accommodating of his many opponents.  Basically we have a bunch of Fascist nutcases flexing their muscles who make The Decider look like Ghandi, so the media’s gotten suddenly nostalgic for the “adults” who worked for him, and started trotting them out to defend (lamely) his most revolting policies.  While this blatant journalistic failure does conveniently if momentarily  take the spotlight off of the most despised newly elected Republicans and their hijinks, it can only remind voters of the utter catastrophe of the Bush years, and its disturbingly mendacious and authoritarian tactics.

Good luck with that.  Maybe this proves once and for all that media really is liberal, and thus is cleverly playing eleven dimensional chess, but I doubt it.  They’re just dumb.






  1. The Heel says:

    Hmmm…let me see,
    We do recall that even with Bush the Dumber’s abysmal failures still unfolding, Obama got barely elected. In any case, he certainly did not win by the landslide that logic would have dictated.
    So in other words, about half the people in this country will likely vote for “anybody” but Obama (after all, what has changed?) and this useless changeling has by now pissed off most of the swing voters and a good portion of his base. I take a personal bet that he won’t get re-elected. The little brownie point (pun intended) for OBL’s assassination will be long digested and sprayed on Florida’s fields by 2012.
    You underestimate the common voter’s self inflicted ignorance and given your impressive awareness and education on the subject, this is completely understandable.
    Want to bet? I offer a bottle of champagne.

    • Henry says:

      I will take that bet my friend!! I am by no means an Obama “goupie” but I (so far) do not see ANYONE out there how is any better,.,. correct me if I am wrong. Lesser of two evils?? Hey, better yet let’s bet pink slips? :) After all you know where I live!

      • The Heel says:

        ..what? so you want to snatch my other car, too? Taking the Audi from me wasn’t mean enough? :)

        Let’s stick to champagne with the the caveat of all betting parties required present when opening it. Nothing under $50…

  2. cocktailhag says:

    He will be reelected, but only because Republicans are crazy, even a little too much for (Nazi voice) “stupid Americans).” That doesn’t mean that’s great or anything. I’m just glad I’m a geezer, and will certainly tip over before too long. I would be thinking about the little ones, though, and if I were you, getting them dual citizenship. Just a thought.

  3. S Rockford says:

    Watching the wingnut idiots on the Sunday morning talk shows made me want to hurl. Obviously, they are pulling out all the stops to make it seem like Bush era programs like “torture” were (and should be in the future) considered the right thing for America.

    These people are criminals. They know that they are criminals, but they also know that they have an ignorant brain-washed base that, if continually pushed, will prevent them from having to be held accountable for their criminal actions.

    Personally, I think it would be great if a “civilized” foreign nation would perform a discrete rendition operation against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Yoo, or Addington (Hey, we do it in Pakistan!). Then bring that person to trial in an international criminal court.

    The world needs to know that Americans are not torturers. It was just the idiots who ran our country after 9/11.

    • cocktailhag says:

      The statutes of limitations are already coming up, so it will be definitely left to some more civilized country to pick up the slack.

  4. mikeinportc says:

    ” Basically, they’re admitting that they wouldn’t stand an ice cube’s chance in hell of winning if they had to play the game honestly…”

    Back in ’02(’03?) , I committed the treasonous act of saying, on virtual British soil ( the BBC site), that despite the talk, they don’t believe in democracy, in actual practice . It still holds.

    “The world needs to know that Americans are not torturers. It was just the idiots who ran our country after 9/11.”
    Uh, no. The BushCo crew were just the first to be proud of it, and the first in a long time to make it a domestic “product”. Clinton started the rendition, at least formally. It was practiced in one form or another previous to that. It was done openly ,by the US military in the Phillipine occupation*. ( Speaking of hurling, I feel it every time some historically ignorant Congresscritter praises, wishes for, or demands, another Black Jack Pershing, in one context or another.) Not to mention during the Civil War, vs Native Americans,vs slave by their owners, and their descendants by the KKK & fellow travelers. It would be nice if some administration, sooner rather than later, would end all association with torture, and torturers, permanently.

    * Many of those serving under Pershing continued the bad habit later, as police officers. Wonder if we have that to look forward to?

  5. Henry says:

    Let’s just say, we are STILL in this stinkin mess that Bush created and left behind!! I thought in all honesty, Obama would / could clean it up, but like the “heel” I am wrong sometimes… :)