Holy Cow

I’ve long been a skeptic of the purported “wave” election coming up, wherein the “overreaching” Democrats are steamrollered by a stampede of righteous elephants, no matter how cuckoo and/or substance-free their candidates are.  Although most of the craziest ones have shunned all but their own mouthpieces on Fox and talk radio, they still, once in a while, have to open their pie holes, and stuff like the above clip is the inevitable result.  Intoxicated by the smell of Dick Armey’s farts, bedazzled by Glenn Beck’s delusions of grandeur, and clearly as dumb as a box of rocks, this hectoring harridan, Renee Ellmers, seeks to unseat a Democratic incumbent in North Carolina by jumping on the anti-Muslim crazy train and taking it to Washington.  The irony is pretty rich.

First, she starts by breaking Sarah Palin’s “Speak through Fox” rule, and goes on CNN to “defend” her inflammatory, racist, and outright false ad.  Next, she eschews doing even the slightest bit of pre-interview homework, having no idea who the Imam in NY even is, for one thing, and starts robotically spouting off the most ridiculous, combative nonsense, all easily refuted by the slightest fact-checking.  Then, she tops it off by attacking mild-mannered Anderson Cooper with the sort of bonkers, “anti-Christian” smears that go over great on hate radio, but presumably somewhat less well with CNN’s more sentient audience, a fact of which she seems blissfully unaware.  Worse, the wily CNN host has an expert witness waiting in the wings right after her, a sneaky, effective journalistic trick that makes Katie “Gotcha” Couric look like Greta Van Susteren by comparison.

There’s method to her madness, though….   She will no doubt deceptively edit the clip, throw it up on her website, brag to her racist cracker supporters about how she gave the lamestream media the what-for, declare victory, and they’ll believe her.  The only fly in the ointment is, as the backbench congresswomen she unaccountably thinks she’s qualified to be, she will have no say whatsoever about New York zoning decisions, so the whole premise of the ad is a manipulative lie, designed to goad the ignorant into voting for more tax cuts for the rich and crippling expenditures on disastrous, belligerent foreign policy that will, of course, provoke more terrorism and further impoverish Americans at home.  To anyone capable of fogging a mirror, it’s people like this nutty woman who will pave the way for more American deaths at the hands of terrorists, not fewer, and keeping her out of Washington is one way to stanch the continuing hemorrhage of blood and treasure Republican overreactions like hers invariably produce.

Typical of teabaggers like herself, she’s mum on any salient policy position North Carolinians might want to hear about in this dreadful economy, and better yet, she blames her opponent for resorting to smears and name-calling, since it’s he who doesn’t have anything better to talk about.  Earth to Renee….  You’re in fucking NORTH CAROLINA, and you’re running a campaign for the House on what you deceptively call the “Ground Zero Mosque.”  Who’s short on material?

Polls are tightening from Kentucky to California, roughly coinciding with voters getting an earful of the insultingly stupid horseshit like what just plopped out of Renee Ellmers, and the election is still over a month away.  The Republicans have mammon, in spades, on their side, and they’re happy and eager to tell you they have God, too, but what they don’t have is brains, class, or anything approaching a viable solution to the myriad problems they themselves caused, and miracle of miracles, this fact seems to be dawning on the corporate media, as evidenced here.  If Ellmers is expecting a sweep, it’s too bad for her that she’s borrowed Chistine O’Donnell’s broom, and rejected Sarah Palin’s, uh, “wisdom.”


  1. michlib says:

    I’m not saying Renee Ellmers is a pedophiliac lesbian – but we don’t know for sure.
    Keeefrigging Christ. This is ninth grade student government grade McCarthyism. Those tea baggers really have scraped the bottom of the barrel on this flunkie.