Making Sarah Palin Look Smart

Thus spake the frothy mixture:

SANTORUM: My big argument with Paul Ryan is that he doesn’t apply a lot of these programs to the current generation of seniors, or those who are at or near retirement. And I think that presupposes that a lot of those current seniors don’t want to participate in the economic solvency of our country. Don’t want to participate in saving our country. I think that’s wrong. I think most seniors –- certainly those that can afford to –- are more than willing to do their fair share to solve their problem.

Well, there’s an awful lot of crazy, a truckload of delusional, and a pile of stupid you could see from outer space in that remarkable statement, but consider the source.  When a guy who brought home his wife’s stillborn fetus for his numerous homely children to play with and lost his last seat by almost twenty points is still invited on television to declare his presidential candidacy, could the bar be any lower?  Why wouldn’t he say something so jaw-droppingly asinine?

First of all, the very existence of crazy, parafascist politicians like Santorum is largely owed to the fact that Fox News (and hate radio) are all the rage amongst the adult diapers set, all of whom rely on Medicare, so to merely say that such a statement is politically stupid is like saying Chris Christie ought to diet.  Who, pray, is going to vote for a creepy, anti-gay religious nut and failed politician with perhaps the worst Google Problem on the face of the earth?  Trust me, it won’t be the Ipod generation.  Smooth move, Man on Dog.

Then, Santorum, who clearly doesn’t get out much, advances the laughable notion that seniors are just itching to pay more for their health care, “especially” the ones who can afford to, because, well, surely the read Ayn Rand, too.  This is retarded on so many levels I’m beginning to wonder how Santorum can dress himself, but I’ll take a stab at it.  First of all, that there are a bunch of geezers out there sitting on a pile of money that they want to give out…  if you’re old and still can afford to pay for bypasses and whatnot out of pocket, chances are you’re not the generous type.  In fact, you’re probably more like Santorum’s backers, who feel that, once you’ve got a certain amount of money, the whole world owes you and your heirs a luxurious, perpetual idleness.  Good luck asking rich old people to pay for something they’re currently getting for free.  These people don’t go to early bird specials because the light’s better.

Next, you’ll notice that those much more numerous old people who might not be able to afford “their problem” are not just dismissed, they’re irrelevant; this isn’t about them, after all.  It’s about an idea.  Ideas are important to a guy like Rick, and he’s hedged his bets by producing a small army of lil’ fascists, a couple of whom might escape the mental health system and be able to support him in his old age, but better yet, his nutty ideas make a lot of Real Americans, i.e. those with trust funds, extra happy.  This time-honored tactic generally pays off.  When Jesus’ blessed poor come up against, say, the Walmart heirs, you know who’s going get reamed in a Santorum-smeared world.

As though he hadn’t made a big enough ass of himself for one news cycle, Santorum also today dropped his day-old campaign slogan, Make America America Again, when he found out to his predictable surprise that it was (no doubt inadvertently) the title of a famous (to the literate) Langston Hughes poem.  Among Hughes’ many faults, he happened to be a darky and a homo, put together, and the poem itself was about relieving the misery of the downtrodden, through unions.  A bigger Republican FAIL would be hard to imagine, except when you consider the competition, of course.

The Manchester Union Leader, that infamous right wing New Hampshire paper, caught the Langston Hughes story, and the first commenter put it best when he said that no matter Santorum’s policies, he was utterly unelectable because the incident showed he was “dumber than a bag of hammers.”

That’s putting it mildly.  I’ve half a mind to send him five bucks.



  1. dirigo says:

    Rick is Silvio without the hairpiece, the taste for bunga bunga, or an appetite for pasta primavera.

    Their problem? What planet does this guy live on?

    Once again, Paul Krugman pointed out that Medicare can and should be enabled, like VA, to negotiate drug prices in bulk for the mass of those so enrolled. It can’t be said too often: veterans benefit from the government’s bulk buying power with respect to drugs, and Medicare subscribers should too.

    Wake up, Rick. Wake up, ‘Murrica!

  2. retzilian says:

    He also said this, (from the article in the Union Leader):

    The way they structure these entitlements is that they are open-ended,” he said. “We basically say to seniors: ‘here are all the benefits that are covered . . . and we’ll pay whatever you spend.’ Who in their right mind would make a promise to any group? What parent would say to people they love as much as their children, ‘here’s what we’ll pay for, spend as much as you want.’ It does not lead to responsible spending or good utilization of benefits.”

    So, he’s saying we give seniors a blank check when it comes to Medicare. I’m not going to waste this space explaining how stupid that is, but I agree with Hag – good luck (and I mean GOOOOOOD LUCK) taking away so much as a $2 prescription from seniors. I work with them every day. It’s my bleeping job. And I gotta tell you, most of them are living on less than $1k a month. So, good luck getting them to pay more for their Medicare. Hahahahahahaha.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I do hope those comments are widely broadcast; pretty soon Santorum will be dodging flying jello when he visits nursing homes. It’s Death Panels, Republican style, and old people are smart enough to get it.

      • retzilian says:

        And I must disagree with the post title, she’s just as stupid as he is. Neither of them will make it to the NH primary much less win one.

        • cocktailhag says:

          No, but whoever does will undoubtedly echo their views. It’s political correctness of a different sort.

          • dirigo says:

            As a New Englander, I will sugggest that most people here, even strong Republicans, assess candidates on a very pragmatic level.

            All the hoo-hah about who New Hampshire primary voters will go for when the time comes means nothing until, well, until the time comes.

            Part of the hoo-hah now has it that the party has no front runner, and the atmospherics are awash with the absolute garbage about Tea Partiers and various whack jobs like Palin, Santorum, et al. A parade of clowns.

            Most of these people don’t fit in New England (certainly not The Donald, hair or no hair), not now nor a year from now, even allowing for a bizarre anomaly like the governor of Maine. He’s out of place up there too.

            There may be someone New Hampshire Republicans will go for next year, but right now I can’t fathom who it may be, because it’s fair to say at the moment it’s “none of the above.”

          • cocktailhag says:

            I hope you’re right, Dirigo, but remember that the clown car rolls through Iowa on the way to New England, where the crazy’s as high as an elephant’s eye. (I hear the corn’s pretty tall, too.)

          • dirigo says:

            I’m suggesting (and hoping) the tide has crested in terms of the nuttiness.

            People in this part of the country (and I’m not one) who call themselves Republicans – that is, those who have their feet on the ground – don’t go for much of the Midwest caterwauling. And they certainly don’t want to be lectured to by a New Yorker. It doesn’t go too far here, although again, considering the governor of Maine, there has been some penetration among those nitwits who’ve responded to the Tea Party bill of goods. I have no idea how that guy got elected, but he’s out of the mainstream in that state, and I’ll bet he’ll be gone after one term.

            I think there’ll be a correction, and New Hampshire occasionally does some decent correcting, often without taking a cue from Iowa.

            Then again, there’s South Carolina.

  3. mikeinportc says:

    ” Then again , there’s South Carolina .” lol

    Lindsey Graham & Jim DeMint . ’nuff said. Bunch of crazy, ungrateful, welfare queens. ( & SC is the top welfare queen , of states, last I knew . ;) )

    “Once again, Paul Krugman pointed out that Medicare can and should be enabled, like VA, to negotiate drug prices in bulk for the mass of those so enrolled.”

    I’ve been making that point whenever subject comes up , since before the damned thing was passed . The response is usually crickets, or a litany of the whole this part/that part shell game , sometimes, complete irrelevancies , or sometimes just pissed off ( at me, for bringing it up – ?????) . I point out that who pays what is irrelevant to that issue. The fact is that it’s full price ( or more) regardless, & therefore a huge ripoff . Response? See above. Why? Not completely sure . Maybe being on topic for more than one sentence? :~)

    • dirigo says:

      Y’know, Mike, tipping the whole vegetable cart over, and considering especially all the Trump noise about the birther issue, we may simply be seeing 2012 shaping up as The Birther Campaign, which is about getting that black man out of our white house.

      In that respect, there’s probably little wiggle room among Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina Republican primaries.

      Federal bulk-buying power for Medicare meds is way down on the list of priorities in that context.

  4. mikeinportc says:

    It’s the unreality that’s exasperating. All the yipping about the cost of Medicare,deficits, the debt, and the “need” to cut it, and the only one that will even mention it is Crazy* Uncle Bernie(Sanders).

    Georack O’Bushama deserves to be sent packing , but it would be nice if it were for something real.

    * To the Beltway Bubblists. Being in touch with reality can seem crazy, if you’re the only one in the room that’s not delusional,lying, or both. ;)

  5. nancy says:

    Now this lady really knows how to make Palin look smart . Be sure to have your cocktail napkin handy. :-) Cheers.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Quite hilarious…. The Palin Barbie looked disturbingly authentic.

      • nancy says:

        I always wondered why there was any reason to keep making Cheez-Whiz. There you have it. I think I may have nightmares. With giggles. Actually think there’s a calendar potential in there somewhere. This blogger needs copyright protection ASAP.

        • cocktailhag says:

          Even as a child, I was always alarmed by cheez whiz, but like you, I’ve suddenly discovered its virtues. I walked by a large and shabby looking Ford Excursion with a W/04 sticker on it today, parked right here on Park Avenue, and now I wish I’d had a can. I’d need a new one.