Obamabots: Rahm was Right

When dear ol’ Rahm, future Mayor of Chicago, called liberals “fucking retarded,” he was, in fact, half right.  Some of them are, and they still slavishly pour adulation on, (and heap recriminations on the detractors of) our mediocre President, against all evidence.  This self-defeating practice is most popular at places like DailyKos, but you can find it anywhere you look on the lefty blogosphere.  It makes dreary reading, hearing how labor should be smitten despite the scuttling of EFCA, gays should be grateful despite the fact that on their issues, Glenn Beck of all people far outshines our Commander in Chief, women should shut up and be grateful for some high-level appointments while their reproductive freedom has been repeatedly tossed out the window, peace advocates must now acquiesce to Permanent War, seniors ought to meekly accept the heartless and cynical dictates of the stacked Catfood Commission, and civil libertarians must get used to the Bush Surveillance/Torture/Secrecy regime to not only not shrink, but blossom as never before.  Granted, these prim, scolding thought police never spoil their arguments by assembling them all together as I have, for that would be kind of humiliating for them, so they prefer to take them one at a time.

Interestingly, the “pragmatic” acceptance of right-wing policies as one’s own is accompanied by an adoption of the right-wing sales tactics that went with them, since, well, what else is there?  Liberals, nominal or otherwise, have never had to practice pitching such horrors; generally, in the old days, we lamented them.  But as far as setting up straw men, misdirecting anger, and victim-blaming, we really ought to return to our core competencies and leave that field to the right, if the astonishingly unconvincing crap I’m reading is any indication.  No, Kossack, Firedoglake’s candid and accurate assessment of the “enthusiasm gap” isn’t “stupid,” but rather a wake-up call to a compromised and languishing party whose craven leaders somehow thought couldn’t lose, even if it fucked up royally, which it did.  And no, No More Mister, Glenn Greenwald and Jane Hamsher aren’t “Firebaggers,” when they criticize Bush-grade Democratic sellouts to corporations; they’re literate.  It makes a difference.

Now, the Obamabots are marveling at the mojo our Leader showed when he belatedly and inadequately fired up and, although with undue politeness, actually called out Republicans for the reprehensible behavior they’ve been exhibiting since before he was sworn in, which back then might have been a good idea, but now, after his serial capitulations, seems to all concerned to be the empty political gesture it clearly is.  Bush may have relied on media appearances rather than reality on many occasions to bolster his image, but he did deliver, for his particular slice of the electorate, on the bread and circuses part, too, that is if tax cuts are your bread and war is your circus…   Obama, for all his vaunted smarts, still doesn’t get this, and is going to pay dearly at the polls for it, deservedly.

Sadly, there is no group more likely to reinforce the meme that the reason for the Democrats’ utter failure to make use of their two-election mandate was Obama’s undetectable, but nevertheless disqualifying, “leftism,” than the Obamabots.  Each time they join Mitch McConnell and Dick Armey in decrying the “moonbats” within their own ranks, another Fox host gets her highlights, or maybe boob job.  Inevitable Democratic losses in November can be interpreted by the media in several ways: 1) They were due to a bad economy and Republican intransigence, which is only partly true but at least less damaging to the liberal cause over time; or 2) They were due to Obama’s capitulation to the right that caused his policies to fail and made him look like a vacillating, principle-free wimp; or 3) America is a center-right nation and only Republican-approved policies are ever acceptable, no matter how crazy and no matter how Americans vote.  This bunch, which calls itself liberal, seems to be gunning for #3, and they’re calling me stupid.  Sheesh.

Like many of the other publicly disaffected Democrats subject to serial, rote abuse from the left (ish) thought police, I would never dream of not voting in November, nor, I imagine, would any of the rest of us hippies White House spokesman Robert Gibbs thinks are in need of a drug test: no election is without consequences, and we’ll drag our pot and patchouli-scented selves to the voting booth regardless.  My question is…  Who else do you expect to do so?


  1. cocktailhag says:

    The comment thread was temporarily out of order; due evidently to the ellipses in the title. Oops.
    I think it’s fixed now.

  2. retzilian says:

    I just got home from a 2-hour stint in Barberton, Ohio and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather share this horrible experience with than you.

    Barberton is a low-middle-class town in Stark County, the county made famous recently by the irrepressible (but failed) candidate for the Republican nomination for county treasurer, Phil Davison (whose speech made me laugh harder than I’ve laughed in months).

    I was at an informal marketing event for my Government Sponsored health care product, and I was clearly a magnet for a few Beck/Palin devotees who made it their business to inform me that A) The Rapture was upon us; B) Government should stay out of health care (even though one of the women who claimed this complained bitterly about her health insurance being unaffordable and being discriminated against because of her ill health; and C) that our president was a “Mooslum” (that’s how one guy pronounced it) and was turning our country over to Mooslums.

    It wasn’t so much their belief system that bothered me as much as the complete illogic of their complaints. I was able to dispatch each one of them by asking simple questions or posing obvious scenarios to them that would refute their logic. Their reaction was to walk away rather than defend their idiotic positions.

    Ohio is divided quite severely between Democrats who can’t get anything done or are completely corrupt (see Cuyahoga County’s officers caught in a series of indictments, arrests and investigations that are still shocking the electorate), and the redneck Red part of the state that is complaining about Obama and the government and meanwhile hasn’t a pot to piss in, a job to find, or an affordable health plan. But, Obama is a Mooslum, and that trumps common sense cosiderations.

    I give up.

    I am going to vote, just because I have to.

    • cocktailhag says:

      They need your vote to balance out the crazy ones. I’m not surprised at the misinformed opinions; the righty noise machine has been pumping out horseshit faster than ever, and more outlandish than ever, and their addled audience just keeps eating it up. Pretty depressing, really.

  3. michlib says:

    So he’s a Mooslum? Wonder which lodge he belongs to. But to the issue of Obamabots – this inner circle of Rob Rubin acolytes has done just about the worst job concerning jobs,jobs,jobs. A year was pissed away seeking bipartisanship with the insane.
    Again, the Democrats walk into a knife fight carrying a book. Dislike W all you want, but he NEVER dissed his base and made sure they got what they wanted, good of the country be damned.

  4. Ché Pasa says:

    Well, Hag, I really don’t think Our Dems give a flying fook whether we are “fired up” or not, whether we vote for them or not.

    They seem to be indifferent to their likely fate in November. Why shouldn’t they be? Even when they “lose” they win — they’ll be taken care of very well indeed, don’t you think? Sinecures. Tenure. Think tanks. Corporate boards. Cushy retirements. Or just counting their already abundant money, inventorying their extensive properties, and figuring out how to improve their investment portfolios.

    As for His Serenity in the White House, I’m sure he’ll be just as happy to work with an R congress and he was with an ostensibly D congress. The theatrics will be different, to be sure.

    But the outcome? I’m betting pretty much the same.

    Not good, in other words, for most of us.

    Our Government is beyond politics these days; it’s sealing itself off from the People. Literally. Behind its walls and security fences, its defenses, its guardians, Our Government serves its Stakeholders, and that ain’t you and that ain’t me, and it isn’t Jane or Glenn, either.

    I’ll vote anyway just for spite.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I’m with you, Che, but I’ve always been. My only mistake was thinking that the bis switch wouldn’t be so rapid and obvious. Sheesh. You’d think they wouldn’t be so danged proud, but they are, even in a time of all-but-universal belt-tightening. It’s eye catching, all right; just like a gruesome car wreck.

  5. Kitt says:

    Obamabot stupidness, and whether or not the Dems give a damn if they lose or not are two different subjects. I’m sure some of the dems that lose will have their gargantuan egos bent. And Obama and Emanuel should realize that the losses will historically be pinned on their incompetence and ‘pragmatic’ horse shit politics. They won’t, of course, verbally take the discredit for that. But, as Che said, they all will continue to roll in loot and probably continue to be highly regarded by the bubble-gang that they live and breathe amongst.

    The Kosak type obamabots though don’t win shit when, at whatever level, the loss comes to pass. They’ll blame the loss on the dfh’s but they, (the kosakians and such) because of their stilted and locked in mindset, will be to blame and they will continue to roll in their rancid bed of their own making because of it.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Ah, Kitt, you have such a talent for making me feel like a cock-eyed optimist…. I have toyed with the idea that Obama wants Democrats to lose, just so he, Geithner, and Rahm will have the skids greased for their future lives of leisure, but I still prefer to think they’re just not paying attention. Granted, there is precious little evidence for this, but I drink enough as it is.
      I’m waiting (Mammy voice) “lak uh spiduh” to see what the Kossacks will say on Nov. 3, but I think you’ve gotten the gist of it already…. That’s one day I won’t have writer’s block.