Unforced Errors



Today Obama spokesman Jay Carney got understandably mixed up as to whether the Administration had bothered to endorse anybody in the historic gubernatorial recall in that state, what do you call it, where they make cheese.  Those of us who follow politics, of course, know that the Koch Bros. rollout for taking over America (or as Romney calls it, Amercia) is unfolding with alarming success in Wisconsin, and in six days we’ll find out whether elections in the post-Citizens (!) United world are settled at the cash register or ballot box.  The Obamabot army has clearly decided that they’re cool with either way, it seems.  Thus spake Stephanie Cutter, Deputy Campaign Manager:

“This is a gubernatorial race with a guy who was recalled and a challenger trying to get him out of office,” Cutter said. “It has nothing to do with President Obama at the top of the ticket, and it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with Mitt Romney at the top of the Republican ticket. So, no, I don’t think — you know, there may be some that will predict that it means doom for us in Wisconsin in the fall elections, but I think they’ll be proven wrong.”

You see, only Professional Left Firebaggers and Hippie Malcontents would ever think that the Democratic party might be better off with union support and without a maniacal and emboldened Koch Whore running a crucial swing state.  But wait, other people, especially those who routinely get on the news by virtue of being Republican, beg to differ.  Thus spake Reince Priebus; (all quotes h/t HuffPo):

“If Walker wins next Tuesday — which we’re very confident he will — Obama will have a much tougher road in Wisconsin this fall,” Priebus said, adding, “If Wisconsin goes red, it’s lights out for Barack Obama. Putting Wisconsin in the red column for the first time since 1984 is a pretty big deal, obviously.”

Gosh, which one of these two is more in touch with reality?  Granted, “lights out” is a bit of (unusually reserved) hyperbole on the part of He Whose Name Cannot Be Spelled, but it shows that the Democratic “adults in the room” are about to be sandbagged, for the millionth time, by the Republican toddlers.  Perhaps such blind arrogance is simply a fact of life in the beltway bubble, but the Obamabots sound tinnily reminiscent of Karl Rove in 2006, when he memorably and wrongly babbled portentously and repeatedly about “the math,” to which only he had access.  Remember how that turned out?

As much as Obama and his minions would like to pretend it isn’t so, election 2012 is going to boil down to the extent to which they are able to counter a well-laid trap Republicans have been setting for them since 2000, culminating in a gerrymandered Supreme Court majority publicly opposing them at every turn, and a country teeming with right-wing grifters like Scott Walker in every state.  That they still don’t get this or worse, pretend not to, is as dispiriting as it is unbelievable, and once again raises the eternal question about Obama that I used to think only pertained to Republicans:  Are they lying, or just stupid?

All the usual backtracking occurred, naturally, with other White House flacks hurriedly doing the litter box shuffle, wanly reminding justified skeptics that Obama remained true to whats-his-name, that guy running against Walker, since he’d already said so, that one time.  This pathetic excuse for a recovery could be compared, unfavorably, to that famous moment when Nancy elbowed a doddering, incoherent St. Ronnie and he suddenly blurted out her whispered adlib line, “We’re doing all we can.”

If Walker wins and Obama still manages to take Wisconsin, I’ll of course eat my words.  But if Walker wins and Obama loses, I’ll drink them.  Some choice.

UPDATE: Even as I wrote this post, I got an email from the Obama campaign, who tries to bum more change off me than all hobos I’ve ever encountered in my life living downtown:

…..If you want a good idea of what we’re up against, think about this: The billionaire Koch brothers’ groups alone are planning to spend more than John McCain did in his entire 2008 campaign.

The people behind this are arrogant and deeply cynical about the political process. They want to buy our democracy and the White House to serve their narrow, ideological — and often secretive — agenda, and use millions in anonymous donations to do it. But they have proven that they know what they’re doing.

They’re not interested in building anything. They don’t have millions of Americans ready to pitch in alongside them. They don’t have real people actually organizing, talking to voters on the phone or on doorsteps. They just want to tear us — and particularly President Obama — down.

I hope you’ll help us fight back right now, before tomorrow’s fundraising deadline.

Curiously, no mention of next Tuesday, much less Wisconsin, which seems pretty pertinent to me….  Clueless or complicit?  I report, you decide.


  1. Teddy says:

    He Whose Name Cannot Be Spelled

    good one.

  2. Annice says:

    Amercia? Really this is the business man with experience.

  3. Teddy says:

    A Facebook friend and fellow Portlandian points out that amercia may actually be a word — “without mercy” — that defines Willard’s America quite accurately.

    And I wish your recent posts that I missed while on sabbatical still permitted comments. You are harshly denied my stories of hanging out with Miss Edie the Egg Lady at her “store,” The Shopping Bag, and then giving her backrubs, probably at the same dive bar you later frequented. The Two Baltimores are truly amazing in their distance from one another.

    • cocktailhag says:

      That’s depressing. I had associated “Amercia” with “mercia,” which led to “Marcia,” which led to decidedly all-American Marcia Brady, and I was at least momentarily convinced it might not have been intended, solely, to deceive.

  4. Annice says:

    Trump should use his famous words to Romney…..That would be a great for his show and ratings!

  5. Ché Pasa says:

    What got to me about the 2010 debacle was not so much the shift in power in the House as it was what happened in the States, the massive shift in power in legislatures and governorships, which has far more consequences than what a divided congress can or can’t do (as we’ve seen, even a Dem supermajority in congress doesn’t amount to a hill of soggy cornflakes, but I digress…)

    The power shift in the states could have been mitigated if not thwarted outright if the Dem Party Big Wigs had cared about it, but they obviously didn’t. Wisconsin was one of those states that shouldn’t have been lost, but Dems were pathetic there and in many other states, and not surprisingly, voters took a pass on keeping political power in Dem hands. At least the Koch’s butt boy keeps things stirred up. Cough.

    At any rate, because the Dem Party Pooh Bahs couldn’t care less about the states, they blow off the Wisconsin recall effort (oh, well, they’re sending Big Dog. At the last minute. There is that.)

    DNC’s excuse is classic: “Ain’t our fight; ain’t our problem. We’re the Democratic National Committee. Get it? National? Not state. Suck-ers!”

    If Walker is thrown out, hurrah. He’s such a nasty piece of work, makes my skin crawl. But nobody seems to expect that other one, the nameless Dem, to be that much better.

    I have friends in Wisconsin. They are not amused.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I don’t imagine they are. The Kochs decided to buy states, because they were, well, cheaper than the whole enchilada. And they make great strategic laboratories for the long game. I’m writing about this at Firedoglake tonight….

    • meremark says:

      Got ‘em used.
      States, that is, I suppose.

  6. meremark says:

    Yeah, what Teddy said. A website ‘glitch’ happened here, where it is changed from the way it was, so ‘Submit Comment’ appears under only the latest Post. Commenting is disabled in all other threads.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Yeah, I had to do that. I get at least a dozen robotic registrations a day, all of whom want to post a generic, semi-literate comment that links to their proffered Ginsu Knives, Viagra, or whatever. They always post on outdated blogs, so stopping comments after three days has kept them at bay. Unfortunately, I haven’t been posting as often, so sometimes that can leave no opportunity to comment at all. Now that I’m no longer subbing for Teddy Sunday nights at FDL, posting should pick up a bit.